Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springing Forward & Early St. Patrick's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day! 
The donkeys started celebrating a few days early - but then it started to rain so they decided to wait till the real St. Patrick's holiday (also the 18th birthday of the great Aaron!) to really whoop it up!  As usual, Luigi isn't too keen on hats or any other dress-up materials - but Paco is totally into it (at least, he's a very good sport!).  Nobody seemed to notice that we lost an hour of sleep last night by "springing forward" for daylight savings time...all the animals got up at their usual hour, which is still too early!  But we're looking forward to more daylight in the evening!
Paco poses in his Irish hat!
All smiles!
What a fine looking Irish (well, for the day) donkey!

"Look, Weegie, it really isn't a big deal to walk around with a stupid hat for a few minutes.  It gives the humans a big kick!"
It started to rain, so we'll be back on another day in our Irish finery!

The Irish Bun!!!
The duo hang out in the kitchen.
There's nothing like munching on an old cereal box!
The foreman's completed garden gate!  Now he's working on the rest of the project.
Solo supervises!
When it is all done it will make the perfect small garden space!
Greeted in the entry hall by Bravo!
Got my Forget Me Not Farm t-shirt!
Wasabi gives the dogs their orders for the day!
On dreary rainy days, the boys get extra carrots.
Solo is a good OLD pup!
Wasabi takes a drinking break.
I never get tired of seeing the bunny hang out with the dogs!
The daily check-in with Solo!
While Bravo munches on a bone, Wasabi chews on her willow tent.
The boys rest in the sun.
SHATTERING news!!  I got a new mirror for my bike, but SHATTERED it while transporting it in the pick-up truck!  So sad.  So I ordered another one.
The foreman and his mock disbelief at the shattered mirror!
I was bummed!  But I love the rear rack I had put on the bike at the bike shop!
I look like I'm fastening a bowtie or something on Paco!
So much fun to pose with a donkey!
A hug from the foreman.
Double hug!
Bravo watches his turf from the window!
Now Toby supervises the foreman's garden project!
Being silly with the donkeys.
Documenting the foreman as he works!
At the bunny playground!  No fights this week, thankfully!
Phoebe relaxes.
Little kids love Wasabi!
Wasabi stops off at another bun's litter box.
That's Josephine, who caused the fight last week!
Wasabi takes a break.  She got her nails trimmed at the playground, which she hates...but it is necessary!
Saying hello to Phoebe.
Shown with his brothers many years ago at the Lazy Vegan!!