Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy (HOPPY!) Easter and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi checks out some new bunny friends!
HOPPY Easter!!!  
The Easter Bunny - or a variation of - was seen hopping around the Lazy Vegan all week long!  And the indoor bun was also a busy bun, but she decided to spend the actual Easter holiday lounging around.  We were going to have a (vegan) egg hunt for HER, but I had an open house and the foreman was busy gardening...so perhaps next year.  Also missing this year was the traditional big plastic egg hunt...so we'll make up for it next year with one twice as big (and harder hiding spots!).  
Pretending to be a bunny while I hold the bunny!

Wasabi is really good lately about letting me pick her up...rabbits in general do NOT enjoy being held.
The bunny-dog!!
Wasabi really enjoys Bravo's company.  Go figure...a bunny hanging out with a Jack Russell terrier...who would have EVER thought???
A lot of "Easter Bunny" sightings this week!
Boy, that bunny was busy!

A very productive bunny!

More "Easter bunnies"!!

What a good sport Paco is.  He got a bit impatient with posing, though.

Weegie let the foreman put ears on him, too!

But he was not happy about it...so they were taken off!

He looked pretty darn cute with them on, though.

And he agreed to a few photos.

But not with ME!
Paco is such a ham.  The foreman kind-of is, too.

You can see we got into the spirit of things!

Talking it over with Weegie...and then an apology hug!

Meanwhile, the REAL bun lounged!

Lots of yard work went on this week.

Wasabi busy in the litterbox.
And busy making her living room rounds.

Ah, that vegan dog kibble...good to the last piece!
The bun patiently waits for salad time!
Snuggle pups!

Just one visit from Archie this week...but it was a nice one!

Lots of purring and meowing!

I LOVE kale salads lately...this one is simply kale with carrots and apples.
The lavender in full bloom!
Donkeys coming to say hi.
Paco's snout!
Solo tries to figure out how to get over the rocks.

We went to the bunny playground this weekend and had a great time!  Above is a new bun up for adoption...her name is Annabelle...and she was pretty bossy!
Wasabi gets comfortable.
Miko hanging out in the doorway.
Wasabi and Cinnamon.
Wasabi basically spent the whole time getting attention from other people!

That's Nicolas, the WILD bun...lately they have to put two x-pens up to prevent him from escaping and terrorizing the other buns!

Wasabi using another bun's litterbox!
Annabelle relaxes. 
Wasabi seeks out MORE attention.

Irwin- he is adorable and mellow and for some reason Wasabi hates him.
Wasabi and Spencer.
Rupert gets cuddled!
Spencer gets cuddled!
Wasabi gets more pets!
Nicolas is carefully guarded.  He is such a spitfire!
Irwin and Cinnamon.
Nicolas goes into a little trance!

Irwin flops out.