Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Annual Return of Mower Man, Sunny Skies and Happy Early Birthday to Patty at the Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi checks out the living room!
What a wonderful, SUNNY week we had!  With the nice weather we had the annual return of MOWER MAN, a.k.a. the foreman!  He got the rider mower up and rolling and there was a lot of grass to get mowed!  I'm sure the donkeys would have gladly helped!  The week ended with a fun, spur-of-the-moment visit from the Tomashefsky clan, who came to preview some houses up for sale.  We took advantage of the visit to celebrate Patty's birthday a week early with a great dinner put on by Grandma Snap! Fun was had by all trying out Grandma Snap's hula hoop (some of us are just more talented at that thing than others!).  It is wonderful to have Spring finally around us!
 HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY, Pate!!  

 Drew relaxes.
 Anth downs a big salad with not one but TWO Mountain Dews!
 The birthday girl!
 The foreman tries the hula hoop out.  He's one of those natural ones.

 Claire also has the hula GIFT!!

 As does Karina...

 But, alas, I struggle pathetically to keep the thing afloat!
 Grandma Snap gets an A for effort!!

 I get a C!!
 Patty was just as bad as I was, although she got the hang of it after secretly practicing upstairs!

 And Scott was the sleeper...he's fantastic!!!!!

 Secret practice!
 Part of the cheering squad!
 Go, birthday girl...GO!

 Lighting the MANY candles...

 Whoa!  A flaming cake!

 It is a good thing the condo didn't burn down!

 Opening gifts!

 Paul and Lindsey also came for a visit!

 Bravo is always super happy but a bit nervous to see Paul!

 Hanging with the pups.

 Patty and old Solo walk down the path.
 We missed seeing Aaron, who was hard at work on his homework at home alone back in Foresthill...NOT!
 Proof that Patty was in the pasture.
 Drew says hi to Paco!

 The sisters with the old pup!
 Paul takes Drew's hat!
 At Camille's baby shower!  She's expecting next month!
 Camille's pig, Oliver!  He was busy soaking up the sun in their backyard, "free ranging".

 So cute!  He's very old and partially blind.

 Loves the belly rubs!

 What a face!
 He's a hefty dude!
I got to pose with Oliver!
Looking at houses!

We some nice ones and some not-so-nice ones...

Scott barely cleared the ceiling in this old house!
Inbetween house hunting, we all stopped at Nick's cafe!
Grandma Snap stocks up on coffee beans!
Karina and Nick hard at work!

Checking out the last house.

Back at Snap's house, celebrating the early birthday!

Somehow the photos got a tad out of order...that's Hank above, as seen through my car windshield!
Two ducks I always see on my walks.
The boys LOVED the sunshine!

Dust bath time!

Solo got grass-stained paws!
THE RETURN OF MOWER MAN!!  Always marks the change of season!

Sleepy pups snuggle together.
Wasabi explores.
The duo.
The Queen Bun!
Mower man again!

Found this great, simple recipe in Real Simple magazine...double click the photo above to read it.  Yummy!!

Just chillin'.

Begging at the breakfast table!

One very relaxed bun!

I made a very good stir fry with purple cabbage, onions, celery, pumpkin seeds and tofu sauted in garlic and nutritional yeast!  It was delicious!
Vegan chocolate chips and ginger candy for dessert!
The birds are everywhere now.

Waiting for the farrier to arrive!

The donks look so cute in their harnesses!

The farrier trims away!

The donks were pretty good - Paco did his usual drama routine.
Waiting for dinner!
Oh, HOP, HOP, HOP!!!!
Looking for new grass.
Paco thinks about life!
Playful donkeys after sweet grain time!