Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early Sighting of the Easter Jack Rabbit, Mower Man Becomes Weed-Wacking Man, Wayne Pacelle Speaks at the Humane Society, and Archie, Archie, Archie...at the Lazy Vegan!

Toby and Wasabi hanging out.
This week was filled with a LOT of potential Easter bunny (a.k.a. Jack Rabbits!) sightings, a week early!  Perhaps they're scoping out the property to make sure it is where they want to hang out come Easter Day...or maybe they're just busy having fun!  I spotted two of them playing in the donkeys' pasture and it was the cutest thing ever.  Too dark to get decent photos, but on another day, earlier in the evening, I saw the same pair again and got a few pictures...but they were soon "on to me" and took cover in the tall grasses.  Meanwhile, the bunny indoors - a.k.a. the Queen Bun - is very aware that Easter is on the way and is looking forward to being wined and dined (even more than usual) next Sunday!  In other news, it was fantastic to get an email announcing an unexpected guest speaker at the Humane Society - Wayne Pacelle, the CEO/President of the Humane Society of the United States!  He's just started his new book tour and he took the place of a cookbook author who was scheduled to speak but couldn't make it at the last minute.  What a kick it was to see him speak in the bunny playground classroom- also the same classroom where I meet for my Forget Me Not Farm volunteering!  Even though the announcement was at the last minute, the place was packed with people waiting to hear him speak and sign books.  Most of the bookstores in the area were sold out of his new book, The Bond (see photo in posting below)...but I found one left at Barnes and Noble and because I arrived at the speaking event with book in hand, I was able to squeeze my way to the front of the line!  Of course I told him I was Tom Hennessy's daughter and he had nice things to say about my dad (see autograph, also further down the page!).  What a great speaker Wayne Pacelle is and I am so impressed with everything he does for the animals - and so impressed that he's been a vegan for the past 26 years!  Am looking forward to reading the book.  And, last but not least by any means...Archie the cat sat in my lap for nearly 20 minutes, purring away!!!  I have to admit I'm getting attached to the little guy...and I think Boulder would have approved!
HARK!  Who goes there?
Some loving attention from canine to bunny!
Oh, the places she'll hop to!
Has this man lost his mower?  No....he's just become Weed Wacking Man!
Always time for a break to say hi to the donks!

 Having way too much fun working!

This is how the bun looks when it is ten minutes past dinner time...
Can you spot the old pup Solo on his way home?
Paco heads in for some petting.
WHOA...WHOA...WHOA!!  I had an open house on the little lane I grew up on today!  And here is the house I grew up in!  Complete with a new (ugh, beige...) paint job!  I just snapped the photo out of my car window, so it isn't the best...but those who remember the house will probably recognize it!

What a bunny BUTT.  And those THUMPERS!!
Wasabi tries to figure Toby out.

Bravo on his velvet pillow perch!


He loves to hang out now.

In my lap for about 20 minutes, purring away and kneading his paws in my legs!  And leaving his fur everywhere!

I look like some crazed cat person.

He is so adorable!

Of course, I loved hanging out with him!
Spring colors, and Toby in the tall grass.

Every now and then Hank will find himself inside of the donkeys' pasture and he has a heck of a time figuring out how to get back out!
Jack Rabbits!!!!

Look at those legs, above...and those ears, below!!

Solo makes his way home.
The bun patiently waiting for salad time.

Giving me kisses!

Jack Rabbit!
A look of disapproval...for who knows what!
Oh, my.  Bravo resting on another velvet pillow.

More bunny kisses!
Couldn't resist snatching this little bib, which looks like a cape on Wasabi!
Bravo back at his post.
Jack Rabbits playing!!

Uh, oh...they're on to me!

The donks come to investigate.

Wayne Pacelle (behind the lady in the pink shirt) in the bunny playground classroom at the Humane Society!
The book!
Right after he signed my book!
My autographed book!  More about Wayne here: http://www.humanesociety.org/about/leadership/executive_staff/wayne_pacelle.html
Back at home, the foreman shows off a plate full of vegan burritos!
Wasabi and Bravo decide what to do next.

Wasabi just adores Bravo!
The foreman returning from a trip to Santa Cruz to see his mom, and to get plants at a special plant sale!


What a noble cat.  Not as noble as Boulder, though...he will always retain the grand title of nobility.

He easily lets me pick him up now.

Talking to Wasabi about the day!
It is exhausting being a bun - sometimes you just have to give a huge YAWN!