Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wasabi's Garden Adventure, More May Rain & Happy Memorial Day at the Lazy Vegan!

     Happy (Early) Memorial Day!  The foreman put up the flag to start off the holiday weekend. When it is windy we can see it from inside the house and I keep thinking that it is someone walking by!  I paid tribute to some local veterans passing out their annual "poppies" at the fruit stand, and began the holiday weekend with a marathon laundry session.  The washing machine was fixed (under warranty, yippee!!) on Friday.  Dedicated blog readers may recall that it broke due to a certain someone trying to wash a heavy comforter after another certain someone put dirty shoes ON TOP of the bed.  At any rate, it was fixed and after two weeks of dirty laundry piling up I was very eager to begin washing clothes.  Alas, I discovered that I was out of laundry detergent so I decided to get two things done at once and get some exercise by walking into town to buy some laundry detergent.  It was quite the defining moment, walking home lugging the bottle while my neighbors drove by, no doubt on their way to some early holiday parties (at least, this is what I like to think!). Since it wasn't a brand I normally buy, I decided to read the instructions on the back while walking.  DOUBLE DWEEB!  It is bad enough walking with the detergent - but who reads the back of a bottle while walking?  I finally finished all my loads the next day, only to discover that the machine started leaking again...so I'll be calling for another service appointment!  
      Our S.C.B. - that stands for "Self-Confident Bunny" - had a wonderful garden adventure this week.  She loved roaming around (highly supervised) the garden area with rows of red-leaf lettuce to munch on, and she finally got to meet the donkeys and was very curious about them!  And they were intrigued with her!
The foreman and his smile in front of the flag.
Bravo poses.
Probably there aren't too many American flags out there flying next to a Lazy Vegan sign!
Garden bunny!!!  When she first got out of her crate she seemed stunned by the rows of lettuce in front of her!
Busy bunny checking everything out.

Going to the foreman for some assurance!

The donkeys headed over for a closer look.
Very brave bunny out in the open!

Taking in all the outdoor smells!
Always checking in with "papa"!

Grooming time!
Gotta look good for the other outdoor creatures!

Sampling some lettuce!

Hmmmm...maybe got a bitter bite?

Taking a break in her willow tent.
Saying hi to the donks!

It was so cute to see them together.  This is the closest she's ever been to the donkeys.

Time for more lettuce munching.

Relaxing in the dirt!

Oh, that face!
Standing up for a better view!
Another break time.
Silly bunny.

Archie came for a visit while Wasabi was on her garden adventure!

He watched from a distance.  I didn't want them to get too close.

Clearly he found it all a bit boring.
Getting tired from her garden activities!


What would Memorial Day weekend be without a garden burger and chips?
Morning time with the dogs and donks!
Obviously I'm doing some kind-of donkey yoga pose here.
Hanging out with the ridiculous Paco.
I love it when he sits like this - so dignified!

Bravo was thrilled to roam around off-leash.
We discovered that the boys, especially Paco, love the taste of the foreman's instant Taster's Choice coffee!

Hug time.
The boys come to score a sip of coffee!

Paco almost always makes a silly face afterwards.  So does the foreman!

Every once in a while the foreman attempts to "ride" Paco.

Mower man made a holiday weekend appearance!
Bringing Wasabi down to her kitchen playground in the morning!

With my ancient little terrier.

Lots of grooming from Wasabi lately!
The dog and bun plan their afternoon.
Visiting with the donkeys.

SO RIDICULOUS!!!  Paco and the foreman and their silly grins!

More posing.  I think Paco loves to pose for photos and Luigi just puts up with it.

Archie eating dinner by the flag.
Oh, my.  It isn't enough to have a velvet pillow...this dog needs a comforter on chilly mornings!

Wasabi loves to sit next to Buddy and "Baby".

Archie's cat friend keeps coming around.

What a bun face!
More grooming!  Wasabi must think I need a shower!
What would a holiday weekend be without a fun purchase?  Found these "accidentally vegan" (manmade materials) cute and comfy shoes at Kohl's for super cheap!
Wasabi wasn't that impressed...but I'm sure she'd love to chew on the laces!
These were kisses, not more grooming...

Sniffing the shoes.

Trying to get a little nap time in.

Time to tell the terriers what to do!

I never get tired of seeing the dogs and bun touch noses.
Solo hasn't improved at all on his low-dose of painkillers, so I took him off of them and have been using the heating pad a lot more instead.
The evening t.v. time scene with bun on couch!

I left this little fellow (half snake, half lizard???) alone and he left me alone!

We had RAIN this week - quite a bit of it, in fact!

Solo hobbles around.

Sunset clouds.
Bunny at attention!

Toby's not that young any more, either!  But he still has that puppy energy.
Congrats to Aaron on his awesome musical talent!