Sunday, May 8, 2011

Evenings with Archie, Cinco de Mayo & Happy Mother's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

 Happy Mother's Day! It was quite the week at the Lazy Vegan with Archie the cat coming by each evening for a long visit.  He's becoming very comfortable lounging around and arrives like clockwork in the early evening, just in time for dinner!  I had a wonderful Mother's Day (and it ain't over yet), spending the morning with MY mama!  Here I am with my Mother's Day gift- an elephant teapot from Target and BUNNY pajamas (you can never have too many of those)...how did the foreman know exactly what I wanted???  (Inside joke there).  It turns out that the teapot is a limited edition and in high demand - so high that it is now on EBay for four times the original cost!  I just think it is super cute.  And so are the p.j.s...can't wait to snuggle with Wasabi while I am wearing them!  Happy Mother's Day to ALL the moms in the world!
I'm looking forward to pouring tea from my new teapot - or using it as a flower vase!
 Bunnies and veggies pajamas - so cute!

 Wasabi approved of the new pajamas.
 Snap's amazing fruit salad.  I provided the vegan pastries, but the fruit salad was the best!
 It is so much fun walking downtown - you see things you'd never see while driving, such as this great sculpture!

 And lots of cute front porches.

 My friend Beth spotted us walking and stopped to say hi - along with her son and their new dog, Kobe!
 Arriving at the coffee shop!
 Posing for photos!  Unfortunately the one above is blurred...that's what happens when you don't wait for the "green light" on my camera!

 Karina sat only briefly with us inbetween customers coming and going.
 Beautiful dog!
 Coffee shop bird!
 We left Karina hard at work to continue our walk!
 Believe me, this road was even steeper than it looks!

A poppy manages to grow out of some mossy stones.
Now these sound like some humanely raised chickens!
A giant giraffe in someone's front yard!

They also had this cool elephant gate!
Garden sculpture.
Get out of town - FREE plants - just in time for Mother's Day!
We tried to walk under the speed limit.
Only in California - and in Sebastopol, in particular - would you stumble across this fancy car with ghoulish doll heads!

I pretended not to know Snap as she peered into people's backyards.
Archie visits!
He loves to flop himself down at my feet.

Making himself cozy on the same terrace that Boulder lounged on for years and years.

His timing is perfect - he usually arrives at dinnertime!

One very relaxed bun.
Discussing the events of the day with Bravo.
Archie hangs out with a jack rabbit!!!

So adorable!

Grooming after dinner.

On another day - a different jack rabbit - I think.

Wasabi enjoys some greens.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Paco, of course, dressed up for the day.

I put holes in the hat but not quite in the right places for Paco's ears!

Paco's just wondering...where are the chips?  the beer?  the limes????

Luigi investigates.

Karina came over for a visit!

She left her headlights on, so of course I had to document the jumping of the battery.

The house at night.
Bun on the run!

Wasabi likes to follow Bravo around.
The above photo is actually the tail end of a BINKY!!  The cutest thing EVER in person!

Checking out the dog toys.
A blue jay looks for food.
Evening dust bath time!

What good donks!

Archie again.

Feeling pretty darn comfortable around the Lazy Vegan!
We made a bed for him in the old (not used) bread oven, below.

Being playful!

Ridiculous terrier.

The story behind the cream colored bedspread:  certain Lazy Vegan individuals have been putting their work clothes and -gasp - work shoes ON top of the bedspread.  Another individual decided to try to get the stains out. But, alas, our new front load washer is not as heavy duty as our old Maytag was, and the weight of the wet bedspread sent the machine practically walking right out the front door!  So then this certain individual (o.k., fine, then, ME) took the very heavy and wet bedspread out to the clothesline, where it immediately snapped one of the lines, fell instantly to the dirt below and is now stained more than it was to begin with!
One of the "certain individuals".
This is a very tough job, but somebody has to do it...I visited a new vegan and gluten-free bakery to sample some of their items before I ordered a cake for Snap's birthday (coming up!)...and wow- all the stuff they bake there at BLISS BAKERY is fantastic!!  I got a slice of vegan banana chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting...delicious!!!

The deer just love to visit our place.

Human and cat eyes!
Purring away!
Getting cozy with the foreman.

I have to say it - I AM getting pretty attached!

Purring away again!

Beautiful hummer!