Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy it is NOT the End of the World, Archie Finds a Feline Friend, Solo Visits the Vet and Major Thrift Store Score at the Lazy Vegan!

The bun plans her day!
 We're all very happy that DOOMSDAY came and went with the world still very much alive!  Not that I was worried.  In our part of the world the news of the week is that Solo is really having problems with his hindquarters - the poor guy just falls over a lot now.  I took him to the vet for a "wellness check-up" and we're going to try a low dose of painkillers just to see if it makes him more comfortable.  In other news, Archie appears to have a feline friend - another homeless cat that, for now, is also nameless.  He (or she- have not been able to get close enough to determine) used to avoid Archie, but now I look out the window to see them hanging out together.  He always runs away when I go to feed Archie, though (which makes me sad - I want him (or her!) to be able to eat, too!).  Soon we'll be running a house for homeless cats!
 Wasabi always gets a bit annoyed when Bravo pays more attention to chewing on his bone than to hanging out with her!

 With my old, old Solo.  And wearing one of my thrift store finds from this week - a blouse from Anthropologie. Those in the "know" KNOW that that's an amazing find - esp. for five dollars!
 Luigi points out to me that the sweet grain bowl is EMPTY.
 The boys have so much fun playing with the pan after eating their sweet grain!

 Carrot treat time!  Look how patiently Bravo waits for his turn after the bun!
Archie waits for dinner!
Bravo looks sweet, but looks are deceiving.

Bun on the run!
Wasabi gets the morning hopping!

A BINKY captured, above!  Blurred, though..but it was still a binky!

Checking out some new cardboard.
Wasabi has a lot of new nicknames lately...some of our favorites are "Nabbles" and "Beano".

Poor old, old Solo...on his way to the vet.  He knew something was up!

The mystery feline friend of Archie sprawls out on the driveway.

They're pretty cute together!  We know that Archie has been neutered...hopefully his friend is fixed, too.

Donkeys heading over for treats.

Time with Paco!

Wasabi munches on her greens...such exhausting work!

Archie in what seems to be one of his favorite poses.
Just hanging out in the barn.

A first:  Archie comes up on to the main terrace!

The squirrels have been jabbering away lately.  No doubt discussing the "end of the world" and other issues.
Archie again!

He's quite the poser.
Another silly squirrel.

The bun begs at breakfast time.
Archie is getting pretty comfortable around the Lazy V!

One extremely relaxed bunny.

I love the blue turkey heads!
What a piggie!

Bravo's best eye-roll!

The old, old pup naps the day away.
I love this - Wasabi seems to wake the dogs up in the morning!

A visit from Claire!  Wasabi loves showing off her tricks.

Kiss for Claire!

Toby chats with Claire.
Solo gets some Claire attention!

Portrait of Claire, the foreman and the bun!
Amazing thrift store finds this week!  I just had to photograph and document my amazing finds for mere dollars...the most expensive item was the green blouse from Anthropologie for five bucks!  LOVE thrift stores.
A skirt from Banana Republic!
Fun green J Crew pants in my size with the tags still on them...three dollars.  GET OUT OF TOWN!
This photo does not show what a cool color the green Anthropologie shirt is...
A hip shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch for eighty cents!  This was probably my favorite find - it was in the girls' section, even though it is not a little girls' shirt.  Eighty cents, folks!

A very cool Banana Republic summer shirt!

A J.Jill green linen jacket, three dollars!

Bravo could care less about my thrift store purchases, but he's happy that I'm happy!