Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day at the Lazy Vegan!

 Happy May Day!!  I arrived home today to find on our doorstep this beautiful bouquet and wonderful note from the neighbor girls down the road...the bouquet was for Paco and Luigi!  So cute and a great way to honor May Day!  It was a warm last week of April and the foreman got busy cutting down various trees and "shaping up" the property - and now there are more views and a huge pile of debris waiting for the next burn day!  I cleaned out the old hay in the corral (fun, fun, fun) and did a morning open house, where a neighborhood cat was my assistant.  Archie only appeared once this week, and I've noticed another new feral cat - a small brown one - and I think that's why Archie is keeping his distance.  Wasabi had a blast free-ranging on the deck and in the living room and even out to the terrace for a bit- she's a self-confident bun!  I had a Friday afternoon adventure helping a neighbor's daughter with Barney the big donkey and his buddy, a huge Tennessee Walker...both had broken down part of the fence and had spent most of the afternoon loose!  By the time I came to help, they had been recovered and then we walked the fence line and secured the broken area while Barney (he is huge- 3 times bigger than our donks, at least) and the Tennessee Walker (TALL!!) followed at our heels!  Happy May Day to all...Paco and Luigi just might be the only donkeys to ever receive a May Day bouquet!
 The bun on the run!

 My feline assistant at the condo I held open for a bit this morning.
 Very helpful!

 Naturally I would have taken this cat home in a heartbeat...but I'm pretty sure he had a home.
 We've discovered that in the past few days, Solo can no longer really walk up any incline.  He can go downhill, but not up.  I couldn't find him the other day and discovered him at the VERY bottom of our driveway, right next to the road, which freaked me out...and I realized he had just wandered downhill and then could not go up!  Poor little guy.

 Wasabi seemed a bit irked with Bravo when he paid more attention to his bone than to her!

 Checking out the bright world beyond the terrace!

It is very tiring being a terrier at times.
 My corral cleaner-upper-helpers!
 Knocking over the wheelbarrow is very fun!
 Mower Man became Tree Man!

Signs of Spring everywhere.
The plan was to take down just enough trees to open up more of a meadow, and the long-term goal is to some day fence this big area for the donkeys - they would be thrilled!

The smile is getting a bit out of control!

Hanging out on another day.

Noble Paco.
The foreman snapped these photos - holding the bun again!
I love how Toby is peering around me.

I think Wasabi's face is one of the cutest on the planet!
Wasabi really loves to try and chew on my vegan Dansko shoes!!

Grooming Buddy AGAIN.
A greeting from the foreman!

Dust bath time!
We got lucky with the green grass this year.
I put up a dog gate all around the edge of the terrace so the dogs and bun could get fresh air but still be safe.
On one of my walks, I took this photo of a rusted something-or-other in the "hidden lake" on our road.

Also took some pics of these adorable sheep at the top of our lane - love those faces!

This might not look that steep, but it is...part of our lane.
Kisses from the bun!

Solo probably spends 95% of his day sleeping now.
Donkeys and horses.
Lounging time.
Sometimes I feel just amazingly lucky to be able to share my life with these wonderful creatures!

Wasabi loves to pass the time ripping up newspaper inside of a box!
Mower man!
The veggie garden has been planted!
Toby - always hopeful that someone will toss a ball or a toy!

Hanging out in her cardboard castle.
The pre-dinnertime look.
Telling the dogs what's up!

The novelty of seeing a rabbit run around with three terriers still hasn't worn off!

Tons of lizards out and about these days.
Poor Solo tries to navigate the rocks, which he also can no longer do.

That ridiculously happy foreman again.

Special donkey time.

Paco always comes right up to me and practically pushes me over!

Weegie enjoys the tall grass.
I found this extremely amusing...Wasabi managed to wedge herself into the box and then inside her wicker toy when she was trying to hide from me.  Every once in a while she makes it hard to pick her up when it is time to take her upstairs!
The one visit from Archie...
One of the very unusual plants the foreman just planted.
MORE lounging!

Look at those TEETH!
I wish Luigi would let me sit right next to him...but at least Paco allows it!

Lots of butterfly sightings!