Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fourth Annual Girls' Weekend, Saving a Pacific Red Ringtailed Snake from the Paws of Archie, and Rain in May at the Lazy Vegan!

In my new blue sun dress...but where is the SUN???
What a fun week at the Lazy Vegan...all week I had been looking forward to the fourth annual girls' weekend (postponed a week this year due to Patty's schedule), where we relax and celebrate Mother's Day and Snap's birthday in style...which basically means browsing in stores, doing a little shopping and eating out!  Not one to waste any time when it comes to shopping, I purchased something at the very first store we stopped at - the cute sundress above at Silk Moon for a very inexpensive price.  Too bad there was no sunshine out to actually wear the dress!  The rain that we are having in mid May is starting to get a bit much, although all of the plants and especially the new vegetable garden starts seem to like it.  In other, more dramatic Lazy Vegan news, we spotted Archie on the hunt the other day and saw him flipping something orange into the air over and over again.  On closer inspection, the thing turned out to be a snake.  The foreman rescued the poor guy from the paws of Archie and then we looked up the snake and discovered that it was a California Pacific Red Ringtailed snake, and apparently it is very unusual to see them during the day.  So I'm glad that it was rescued. I'm going to have to have that vegan talk with Archie again...the hunting really isn't necessary!

Day two of the girls' weekend - going out to breakfast in Sebastopol!
The Dweeb sisters under the Art & Soul sign.
Chowing down time.  Snap opted for the side of tomatoes instead of toast, while Patty and I got toast and slathered it with jam!

Be different!
You gotta love this bug!  Maybe I should do this to my Beetle!
We stopped by Nick's Cafe. Sadly, it is the last day for the cafe...it just turned out not to be enough of a money maker considering the amount of work for the newlyweds.  They did a great job working their tails off for nearly a year and they'll both take the great experience and apply it to something new!
Such an adorable cafe couple.
That's the last tip from Grandma Snap going into the tip jar!
Working away on the last day!

The mom, the grandma and the aunt pose.
On the way back to Snap's house we spotted this turkey strolling down the street!
Wasabi was thrilled to receive a huge bag of empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls from our friend, Kim!  Thanks, Kim - that's a LOT of collecting that you did and Wasabi appreciates it!  She showed her appreciation by heading straight for the handle of the bag first, chomped right through it and then proceeded to tear the bag.

I've noticed that whenever Wasabi is presented with something new, she'll head over to "check in" with her "baby" and "Buddy"!
Turkey vulture chillin' out on our roof.
The foreman did a huge burn pile.  By the time I got home it was just smoke!

Toby peers at the smoking pile.
The lettuce is coming up!
The list of animal instructions I left for the foreman!
We stopped to see Dan's place at the cemetery.

Sitting on the "Peanuts" bench.

In the alley of shop number one!

Everything looks good on a headless mannequin!
At shop number two (after purchasing my blue dress), I was very excited to see these pink VEGAN shoes.  So I bought them.  But then I returned them the next morning - they were too wide.  It was fun to own them for not quite 24 hours!
Showing off the shoes.
I found it rather annoying that at this point I was the only one who had bought anything!
At the art gallery.

Another shop alley way.
In the bookstore.  I love the children's books!
Patty ran across this book that we had when we were kids!!
Love the rabbit book.
Ready for another store.
Patty checks out the shirts.

At one of my favorite stores, Wild Things, Patty poses by a rock collection being sold by my long-time friend, Jennie!

Snap makes a grand purchase of a small chime set.
I really, really wanted this rabbit puppet, but I had already bought enough.  Still, since I returned those shoes I might head back...

Holy Cow!  We didn't know that this new cafe was opening up!

Love the store window front.
One of my favorite thrift stores, where I take credit for spotting this Coldwater Creek jacket for Snap that she got for half off of $11.00!!
And it fits her perfectly!
Patty by the town square fountain.
Cheers!  At Slice of Life restaurant.

This made up for all the other junk I ate all week.
Claire popped in just in time to have a smoothie and Snap sent her to tip the musician!
Snap's new jacket "airing out" in her backyard.
Opening gifts by the cozy fireplace.

Claire's always nice to grab the camera and snap away photos of me.  I have no idea what I'm so happy about here.  Well, heck!  Maybe it is just having FUN on the fourth annual girls' weekend!

Teapot from Patty!  I'm just totally ready for a tea party now.
Patty prepares the cake that I got from Bliss Bakery - a delicious gluten-free and vegan spiced cake with chai frosting!
Cake time for the birthday girl!

She's pretty darn good at blowing out those candles.

Enjoying the dessert!
The sisters say goodbye!

I love how the tulips match Snap's painting in her kitchen.

Karina and Patty!
This was my favorite store - Rose & Thorn, where the owner has a huge selection of gift items and garden stuff AND tons of breeds of happy chickens roaming around free AND the cutest pygmy goats ever!!

HA HA HA HA HA!  LOVE the "hairstyle"!

Patty and Snap under an arbor.
Me with the chicken on the fence in the background!

I wish it was safe enough for us to have chickens here...but they just attract the coyotes and bobcats and foxes!

Patty observes the happy chicken behavior.
Begging bun!

Always a dog or bun around in the kitchen!

On one of the dry days, Mower Man was back at it.
The foreman had been the one to transport Wasabi down to her "kitchen playground" in the mornings.  I usually take her up to her "upstairs penthouse" (this bunny really owns the entire house) in the evenings - but I like the safety of using her carrier instead of carrying her (a tip I got from my aunt Bubba!).

Oh, how she hates being held...but she looks SO cute.  Look at those "thumpers"!
Archie is pretty relaxed here these days.
He's started to follow me around, and even followed me into the donkeys' corral - but then Paco quickly showed him the way out.

The morning routine, above!
The foreman says hello to the donkeys before heading off to the office.
Big turkey shows off!

No doubt showing off for the female turkey who was happily taking a dust bath close by.

Another Archie visit!

Getting down on the ground with the cat.  He's kind-of a comical cat!
Checking out the cabin for the first time!

His paws remind me of Boulder's - BIG!
Like clockwork, the donks head into the corral for dinner.
While Archie heads off to wait for his.
I didn't get a photo of the snake that the foreman rescued from the paws of Archie, but it was this type of snake, above.  Bright orange underbelly!  I think it was pretty darn happy with the intervention and it went quickly down a hole into the ground!