Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like....SUMMER! Plus Toby Meets Archie and Happy Father's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi naps!
 WHOA - all of a sudden it is starting to feel a lot like SUMMER around the Lazy Vegan!  The temperature is rising and I'm starting the seasonal routine of keeping the windows open all night to bring in the cool air and then shutting everything up at daybreak.  This actually works quite well and keeps the house much cooler.  Since rabbits don't tolerate the heat (it can be fatal to them), I also put several frozen big bottles of water around Wasabi's area so she can lean against them.  And I also fill a bit metal bin of water for the donkeys, because the water in their automatic waterers tends to get warm.  They like to "swim" their snouts around in the cooler water.  Too bad we don't have a pond in the pasture - they'd probably go right in!  
     The foreman had a mellow Father's Day - working!  We both did a busy open house and the "kids" came by to wish him a happy day!
And, this just in:  Toby and Archie met for the first time and seem to like one another! Lastly, a sheep update:  faithful blog readers will recall last week's blog with the sad story of the confined sheep.  On Monday I noticed that two other sheep who were separated from the flock had no water.  I called animal control again, and got a phone call back hours later with happy news - the landowner was successfully contacted and they agreed to check on the sheep DAILY and make sure they had water...and when I drove home later that day, I saw that they had also erected a tarp/shelter for shade!  It really makes me happy to see the two sheep hanging out in their shade during these hot days...because I know that without intervention, they would still be suffering with little water and no shelter! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MY DAD!!
 What's wrong with this photo?  He's not allowed on top of the couch cushions, that's what!
 And he knows it!
 Yum...vegan tacos with, of course, vegan cheese and vegan sour cream!

 Caught in the act again!

 It is hard to get too mad because he looks so cute!
 Bravo and Wasabi just hanging out in the kitchen.
 Posing with the ridiculous terrier.

 Too bad the dogs and bun can't play a game together...like Monopoly!
 Solo finishes off a treat.
 Wasabi poses...and then rushes to groom me!

 Archibald!  That's his formal name.

 The donks start their day.

 Getting ready for the farrier visit!

 The donkeys really hate this routine...but thankfully it goes quickly.

 Weegie patiently stands for the clipping.
 The foreman thought that this was a good time to practice THE SMILE.

 Bravo is hoping it is his "special walk" time.  I've been taking him on walks every evening to try to help him lose a bit of weight.  He loves the walks!
 The cows across the way...there are a couple still getting milk from their mama.
 Toby patiently sits and waits to be introduced to Archie!
 Their first meeting went exceptionally well...as long as I was close by, Archie was very relaxed.

 It was almost like watching National Geographic, the way they first walked around one another.

 Toby was amazingly polite!!!

 I don't know how Archie will do with the other dogs - especially Bravo - but this was a good sign.

 How the foreman spent part of Father's Day weekend...power washing the deck!
 What a fun surprise...Claire, Karina and Nick stopped by to say hi at our open house!

 Nick says hi to the horses.
 The girls try out the swing set.

 Claire catches some air!

 Saying hello to the Seller's adorable dog.

 And inbetween people coming and going, stopping for a quick portrait!  With one of the Seller's cats!

 The donks don't seem to mind the heat.
 They sure love company...we had a friend over for dinner on Sat. night and the donks stared at us while we ate dinner!
 Paco poses.
 Weegie poses!
 Paco's beautiful (to me) snout.
 And Paco's beautiful eye...if you look at it closely, you can see me and the flash from the camera and the fence reflected in his eye!

 Some "artistic" shots of me with Paco.