Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sunshine Returns, a Trip to the Bunny Playground and a Very, Very Sad Sheep Story at the Lazy Vegan

Solo being Solo!
Finally it seems like June at the Lazy Vegan!  The sun is back and the weather is perfect...almost too warm on some days, but after so much rain we're not quite ready to complain!  Wasabi went to visit her bunny pals at the bunny playground (with me, of course) this weekend and had a grand time - even did a binky!  But right at the end she got in a fight with another bunny named Miko...and I'm pretty sure she started it! 
The week had a very sad note to it when dealing with a sheep in the neighborhood.  To make a long story shorter, this poor sheep was confined in an enclosure so small he could not turn around beginning some time on Thursday (which was when a neighbor first noticed it).  By Friday, after baaaaaaaaiiinnnggggg non-stop for nearly 24 hours, it had kicked over a bucket of water and had none until two other neighbors went over two fences to upright it and put more water in.  The "owner" of the sheep was completely absent and animal control came out to assess the situation and agreed that it was totally unacceptable.  By this time the sheep was acting really freaked out, trying to get out, etc.  It was SO sad and so awful to not be able to do anything about it!  Animal control posted a notice and tried to get in touch with the property owner.  Finally I happened to be coming home right at the same time that an employee of the landowner was heading up to check on the sheep.  He was incredibly dismissive of there being any problem with the sheep being confined with no food or water and basically said to me that "you people need to leave this alone".  It was the first time anyone has ever called me "you people"!  I'm trying to make this short but it is still long...during this encounter, animal control called my cell phone which I had in hand and asked me to pass it to the man - he sure changed his tune when he found out he was speaking with the authorities but then was right back to being a jerk when he hung up the phone.  He loved telling me that the sheep was going to be butchered (which I figured) and that it would be picked up that evening.  Of course, this never happened and the poor sheep spent yet another night in confinement with no food and little water.  I found him  early this morning too weak to make much noise, with his flock gathered as close as they could get to his confined area.  I called the authorities again.  Hours later he was finally picked up.  I still am trying to get over my shock at how cruel and unnecessary and irresponsible it was of the sheep person to allow this to happen.  The only good news is that now animal control will be checking up on his sheep operation on a regular basis, and I will certainly have my eye on it.  I wish I could have taken the sheep and given him a good home!!!
 An abundance of red leaf lettuce!
 Weegie samples some lettuce.
 Sort-of posing with Luigi!
 Beautiful Paco.

 Paco makes a great foot rest!
Wasabi lounges among her toys.
Miz Wasabi being transported!
Looking out the kitchen window to see Archie heading on over for dinner.

Wasabi loves to smell the foreman's pants!
This beautiful horse was a great source of entertainment at our open house today - prancing and whinnying!
Luckily the foreman has had lots of experience with horses from his Nevada ranch days...because he was the one who would show the acreage with the horse following close by!

Two cats that I worried might dash out the door at the open house...they snoozed away!

Our somewhat matching open house outfits!

Snap took the photo above...she stopped by the open house with her friend Fran inbetween hopping around the art shows!
Snap shows off one of her artsy purchases!

Back at home, our donkeys looked tiny and a bit silly after seeing the horse!
Adventure bunny!

Archie relaxes.
Wasabi likes to hop over to the sink carpet!
Just hanging out.
How could anyone resist this face??
That orange speck on the driveway is Archie heading on up for a visit!

He loves to purr!

The poor, poor sheep.  The only explanation I was given for his intensive confinement was that he "was bothering the other sheep".  I think someone dropped the ball and just forgot to pick him up after confining him.

He was within this tiny space and then also fenced in beyond that- so it really was difficult to bring him water.

It was heartbreaking to hear his bleating.  One neighbor close by said it never stopped for days.
Animal control was sympathetic, but slow.  Everything has to "go by procedure".  I'm wishing now I had had the guts to release him and bring him home!
This little birdie flew indoors and was swiftly rescued by the foreman!

And then released outdoors.
15 bales of orchard grass hay delivered...yippee!
Busy grooming her pals and then herself!

Toby loves to sit in his bed and listen to me talk.
Off to the bunny playground!
Wasabi checks out the playground scene.
Miko climbs up onto a carrier to say hi to Nicolas!
At first Miko and Wasabi were great pals...but at the end, fur was flying!
Annabelle and Wasabi can't stand one another.
Rupert and Miko.
Miko REALLY relaxing!
So much fun!

Silly Rupert.
Archie walking while meowing!

The boys wait for dinner.
The sad scene this morning.  So heartbreaking to walk up the hill and find the poor guy still there.
Trying to get out.

The notice that animal control posted.
The sheep left when they saw me, but they had gathered around the black sheep.

I'm not going to forget this for a long time.  Actually, hopefully I will never forget it...he deserved way better treatment, even while headed to slaughter!  ESPECIALLY while headed to slaughter.