Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Toby & Archie Show, Bravo Becomes a Hiking Pup, A Mysterious Egg, & One More Tragic Sheep Story at the Lazy Vegan

Wasabi asks the foreman to play "her song"!

Hard to believe it is the last weekend of June!  The week flew by, beginning with yet another sad sheep story when I discovered a sheep tangled up in the fencing while on an early morning walk.  The short story is that by late morning animal control had come out and was able to release him, and shortly after that the "owner" was notified and moved most of the rest of the flock to a pasture where, hopefully, they will receive better (and daily) care.  It was the last straw in the long saga of the neglected sheep.  I even emailed the organization Animal Legal Defense Fund to inquire about what, exactly, the laws were to protect sheep.  They responded that it really varied from state to state and even from county to county.  Sadly, they really have very little protection at all...even the inch of dirty water that was what was available to the sheep in distress (although he couldn't reach it) was considered, by animal control, "drinkable".  I made a donation to Animal Legal Defense Fund and put a link to their website on this blog in honor of the one sheep caught in the fencing...check out the video at the bottom of this posting about ALDF!
One hungry bun!

One exhausted dog!
So, so, so cute:  the Toby & Archie show!  Archie goes right up to Toby and nudges him.  Toby is super polite with him.  It is just SO cute!  Archie is scared of Bravo, though - and I don't know how he would react to Solo.

The early evening Archie visit!
Not sure what the foreman is doing here...hide and go seek?
One bun looking for something to chew!
Tired old pup.
Putting out all the carpets for the Queen Bun to travel on!

 Ran across these photos of the donkeys when they were six months old...SO TINY!!

Clearly Bravo has no interest in following the rules of the household.

Carrot treat time!
With the "Archibald".

More of the new dynamic duo.

While walking Bravo on our property, I barely saved this egg from his jaws...I'm pretty sure he found it in the bushes, which is where I put it back.  Tried to figure out what kind of bird it is from and could not identify it.  So for now it remains the MYSTERIOUS EGG.

The cute cat at the open house we did this weekend.
And the beautiful Arabian horse, hanging out with the foreman!

The ridiculous real estate agents!

Wasabi cleans me up after my run.

Oh, the expression!

That orange dot is Archie coming up the drive.

Bravo doesn't know what to make of his wet-haired mama.
Slumber party time!

Bravo is becoming quite the little hiker!  I'm taking him out on daily walks - lots of hills.  Here we got picked up when the foreman arrived home.  The funniest thing is that Bravo will stop and sit whenever a car goes by, which gives him the appearance of being a very well-trained dog!

Some sweltering days, which meant I put lots of frozen water bottles out for the bun to lean against.
The boys arrive at the corral after a long, tiring, hot day...doing nothing but grazing!

Solo really has to be watched now since he no longer goes up hill.  And since our property starts sloping almost right away, I almost always find him either at the bottom of a hill or the driveway!
Balcony bunny!

The trio watch me prepare dinner.

In honor of Bravo's hard work hiking, I bought him a doggie backpack...but it is too big, so I'll return it for a smaller size.
Busy, busy, busy.

Toby demonstrates how he likes to sit on the couches!
The sad sheep story...the filthy inch of water, above, is deemed "drinkable".  How can this be legal????
Approaching the sheep.  I went through a small gap in the main fence to try to get near him, but he freaked out when I got too close.

The foreman climbed the gate and also attempted to untangle the sheep, who wanted no help!

Poor, poor guy.

Finally, animal control arrived and wrestled him to the ground and used cutters to cut the wire and plastic.

The foreman in action.

I hope the sheep that were relocated get much better treatment!  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ALDF VIDEO BELOW, WITH SOUND!