Sunday, June 5, 2011


 With my old boy Solo!
Here we are on the fifth day of June and I think the sun has shown for only twenty minutes of the month so far.  HELLO!!!  Obviously Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it is JUNE!  It rained so much this week that the donkey corral turned all muddy again and I had to fret about two sheep on our road that for some reason have been separated from the flock and are in a small enclosure with NO shelter (not even trees)...I see them every day and if their situation hasn't changed by tomorrow I will have to track down the person responsible for them (they don't live in the neighborhood but use the land for their sheep).  In other Lazy Vegan news, Wasabi was quite the adventure bunny this week and explored new areas of the house, including our bedroom, where she helped me organize my closet!  She is always super curious about new spaces.  I have no doubt if we had wall to wall carpet she would be hopping all over the place...but the slick fir floors prevent her from wandering around.  The donkeys had their semi-annual visit from the equine vet for their shots and Luigi was great while Paco was a drama donkey!  He just loves to kick and buck!
 The adventure bunny checking out the entry hall!

 Just hanging out with the dogs.

 That's the bunny stare-down for dinner!
 Evening exploring time.

 Taking a break from the terriers.  This above shot cracks me up because you seldom see her legs in this position - she almost looks like a dog or a cat!
 The foreman poses with his black and white dog and his black and white bunny!

Hanging out in the bedroom!

You can see that I put out little carpets everywhere.

Wasabi has been spending lots of quality couch time with "papa" lately!

She's also been picked up by him a lot.
The normal (for us!) kitchen scene!

So curious about where the bedroom steps lead...

The foreman bringing the bun down for the day.

That face!
Kisses for me!

Archie now RUNS toward me when I "meow" for him!  Here he was during a brief sunny period this week.
I think Boulder would have approved of how Archie has been making himself comfortable in some of Boulder's old favorite hang-out spots!

I've noticed he is a somewhat comical cat.  Boulder was more dignified than this.

Red-shouldered hawk takes flight!

Coming up the main terrace steps for the first time!

Bringing the bun downstairs again!

Hanging with Archie!  I've noticed he especially seems to want to hang out longer on the days I volunteer at the Humane Society - I think I come home smelling like a bunch of cats!

That amazing salad above is straight from our garden!
More Archie.  He doesn't like the rain, so I tried to feed him a lot whenever I saw him because I knew I wouldn't be seeing him in a downpour!

Lots of posed photos this week!
A turkey vultures dries out.
Getting ready for the vet visit!

I love how cute the donkeys look with their harnesses on!

Going for a little walk before the vet arrives.

I only took one vet visit photo- my hands were busy holding Luigi while Paco got his shot.  The vet's usual assistant wasn't there this time, so the foreman had to help with the donkeys...not an easy task!
The donkeys helped with some Lazy Vegan yard projects earlier in the week, including helping the foreman with some fence adjustments and helping me with cleaning the exterior of their barn!

Paco loves to supervise!

Now that's a bunny salad worth standing up for!

That's the tail-end of a binky - that's why Miz Wasabi is blurred!
Toby makes his rounds.
I guess extra rain has some perks...everything is blooming!