Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Cool & Breezy Last Week of July, More Scat Updates and SO Very Happy to Announce that Archie is Here to Stay Forever at the Lazy Vegan!

Every creature at the Lazy Vegan 
welcomes Archie to his forever home!
It has been another great week at the Lazy Vegan!  Especially with the news that Archie is here to stay!  He's been dividing his time for the past almost year between our house and the neighbor's house.  The neighbors, animal lovers themselves, were great about having him trapped and neutered and checked out by a vet...but they knew they'd some day be moving and couldn't take him with them, and that day is rapidly approaching...so it has been agreed upon that we'll take him on permanently.  YIPPEE!!  Of course I am thrilled and I think that Boulder in Heaven would approve!  I'm looking forward to wining and dining him for what will hopefully be a very long time!  In other Lazy Vegan news this week, another neighbor also spotted the mountain lion - I was hoping the big cat had ventured off into another territory.  So I am definitely still on high alert, especially early in the morning!  And I'm still researching scat - in fact, I believe it could become a hobby!
With Archie!
Unlike Boulder, Archie loves to play with cat toys...so I bought him one! I think Boulder was just "beyond" cat toys...he preferred the dogs' toys.

Venturing indoors at 5 a.m.!
Wasabi still hasn't officially been introduced to Archie.  We'll take that slowly.
It is a special kind of bunny to put up with this canine crowd!
You'll have to pardon me if I go overboard on the Archie photos for this week...but after months of being careful not to get too attached to him (like that would ever work), I was so happy to find out he'd be with us permanently!

Smiling at the fixer!

I cleaned the kitchen at the fixer, even though most of it will be ripped out.  Couldn't stand it any longer!
The foreman takes a call!
A cute calf across the way.
Archie in a tree at dusk!
At first I thought he was stuck, but he was very content on the oak tree limb.

What a funny feline!

Bravo was pretty intrigued.

The donkeys decide they've had enough of the dogs.

We definitely know now that Toby is very, very hard of hearing.  He had no idea that Paco was right behind him in this photo!
A kiss from the foreman!

Toby hopes that Paco will toss him the ball!
So silly!

Posing with the ancient pup.

I had piled all of the pillows onto one couch while cleaning, and it seemed worthy of a photo.

The bun gets extra attention.
Every once in a while Wasabi will eat out of the litter box instead of her hay buffet - she looks ridiculous!

Homemade pesto from pumpkin seeds, walnuts, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and cilantro and basil!
Waiting around for dinner.
Such a sad photo of the ancient pup!
Hanging out with Archie.

Brushing time.   I took tons of fur off of Archie - he was all fluff!

He better get used to the camera...because I plan on taking lots of future photos!
Purring away.

The weekly scat update!!  I found another "raccoon latrine" - a spot where there were multiple piles of raccoon scat on our property.

We were invited to a party at a neighbor's house who also happens to volunteer at the Humane Society in the same program that I do!  Plus, she fosters rescued fawns - so the box above was filled with oak leaves and acorns for the deer!
Walking up to the neighbor's house on the steep hill.

On the walk there, I spotted coyote scat!! Right in the middle of the road.  It cracks me up how coyotes pick the middle of a road or trail to "do their biz"!
That black spot behind the foreman is the coyote scat!
The fostered deer!  When they are four months old they'll be released into the wild.  In the meantime, the "local herd" of deer come around and sniff them through the fence and get to know them that way.
I took these from a distance.
Our neighbor heads down to feed them three bottles each of a special deer milk formula.

She put the bottles in a special holder and the deer finished them in seconds!

Check out this great fawn rescue organization! http://www.fawnrescue.org/
On our way back home, being silly on the road.

One last close up of MORE coyote scat!
The bun relaxes as only she can.
Solo hobbles along.

Toby says hello.

But Bravo was banished to the window seat - he has to learn not to chase Archie, and that might take a while.

At the fixer!  The foreman took down some cabinets.

It is hard to imagine how much all of this will change.

Dust bath time!

Weegie eyes the entire bowl of carrot treats!

I love this flowering plant - it is a bit out of control this year.

That's the dinner time stare down!
Archie settles right in.  I see him every morning around 5 a.m. and then a couple of times a day and each evening.  I ordered him a name tag and a collar!

I just hope he warms up to the foreman soon.  He's still a bit skittish around him.

The bun!

Solo reflects on his day.
The grooming box!

Nap time!
Donkeys ready to play.

One of my favorite "portraits" with Paco!

Even the spiders are happy at the Lazy Vegan!
Heading down to pick veggies.

Lots and lots of zukes!

Playful Archie.

The foreman plays with Archie. He'll eventually come around!

Morning snuggle time!
While hanging out with the donks, I decided to braid their tails.  The vet suggested that in the event of a major disaster, such as a fire, that I braid an I.D. tag onto the donkeys' tails and let them go...hard to visualize ever doing that - but I DO have I.D. tags ready to go (although it will be interesting to see how fast I braid their tails during an emergency!).
Their tails are two completely different colors - Luigi's is so much lighter.
Paco plays hide-and-go-seek!

Archie venturing indoors again.
Morning time at the Lazy Vegan!

Bravo goes in the car on a trip to the fixer!
He had a great time exploring.

He gives it a "paw's up"!