Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cool Mornings and Warm Afternoons, Working on the Fixer and Celebrating Birthdays at the Lazy Vegan

A bunny outdoors...and a bunny indoors!
We've been having the type of weather that I personally love this past week...foggy & cool mornings and mild afternoons!  The perfect weather for working at the fixer project and for working around our house in.  So far nothing really interesting has been uncovered while clearing away debris and trees and blackberry bushes at the fixer property, but I have had my share of yummy blackberries and picked enough to make some jam (without pectin)!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY this past week to:  Anthony, who turned 15 on the 12th; Solo, who turned 14 on the 14th; and Karina - 26 on the 15th! 
Solo met Archie for the first time and they get along fine!

I love looking out the kitchen window and seeing the donkeys...here they have their ears pointing toward something.  You can find out so much about what is going on around the property just by looking at the position of their ears!
Once again Archie is making himself at home!

Solo still finds something to howl about!
Hanging on the terrace with Archie.

Wasabi has been doing this hilarious routine lately.  Because she hates to be picked up (as most rabbits do), she tries to avoid me when I do the nightly switch from the kitchen to the "upstairs penthouse", which involves cleaning up her many toys & boxes, etc.  Instead of chasing her around, I prop open the door to her crate (which I use to carry her upstairs with) and let her decide when to go in.  She will wait until the room is completely cleared of her things and then she'll hop over to the entrance, stare up and me (and the foreman), and then THUMP her disapproval before heading into the crate.  It is the funniest thing ever!
Relaxing in the kitchen, otherwise known as "the kitchen playground"!

In honor of Solo's 14th birthday, I bought him this doggie cookie at the pet store...in the shape of a fire hydrant!
The birthday celebration for the old pup!

He had a small bite of it and let his brothers eat the rest!

Morning lounging time.
Paco spots Archie!
Before 5 a.m. while feeding the donkeys, I suddenly heard a little "meow" and was stunned to see Archie in the corral!

Silly cat.

Paco is intrigued by Archie.
So is Weegie!

What a cute pair!
Some pics of Solo as a younger pup...here, floating down a river in Yosemite with the foreman and celebrating one of his first birthdays with Claire!

Happy Birthday to Anthony, shown in the middle many years ago, above!
And Happy Birthday to Karina, shown here 26 years ago!
It is so nice having a bun around to help load the dishwasher!
Archie is so brave now that he comes right up to the door.
This beautiful set of chairs were found half-buried in the dirt at the fixer project!
Love the sticker!  Hee, hee.
The septic awaiting repair.
The yard half-way cleared out.  TONS of debris and blackberry bushes!
Wow...this light fixture would be perfect for Halloween!
Found at the fixer:  make a wish!
A great photo Snap took while visiting Karina & Nick!
Begging bun.
Explorer bun.
Going out to dinner to celebrate Karina's birthday!

Opening gifts at Grandma Snap's house.
New hat!

How nice...even Paco & Luigi gave a gift to Karina...some of their nicely seasoned POOP!  Perfect for gardening!
Snap's new picnic table.
Nick hard at work, fixing her sander!

The birthday girl!

Snap shows off the newly fixed sander.
Cake time!  Vegan, of course...and delicious!

Snap brought out old placemats that the kids had drawn years ago.  Here's the drawing Karina did, depicting a trip to the beach with Grandma Snap!

That gourmet bunny salad is completely from our garden -yum!  Fresh basil, parsley, cilantro, mint, dill & red leaf lettuce...what more could a rabbit ask for?
There was time for some blackberry picking inbetween working at the fixer!
Assessing the trees...what must stay, what must go...
Cleaning the blackberries.
Wasabi's cute ear position!
A blackberry cobbler of sorts...yum!
The foreman with the birthday pup.
OMG, what fun - an opportunity to play on big machinery!!

Snap holds the worker's coffee cup!  Hilarious that the big piece of equipment came with a cup holder!
Eager to work!
Off for coffee after previewing the fixer!
A second piece of heavy equipment...almost as cute as my Beetle!
Gravel is delivered.
Getting ready for the septic repair and brand new leach lines!

The yard, cleared out even more!

A hummingbird and a little yellow bird share the fountain.

What a job!
Still smiling!
Clearing out blackberry bushes...which was mainly my job.
Nothing like a pile of gravel at an entrance.
An all day job!

I love the gravel moving machine!  I want one!
Nicely trimmed bushes.
The peek-a-boo view of the house from the road.
Bricks set aside for Snap to take!
Taking down some limbs!

The repaired septic!
The nutty couple!
Looking out the front door.
WOW - the completely cleared out yard - new leach lines and repaired septic underneath!
One last run on the big piece of machinery!
Posing in the yard.
I really want one of these, too!
We're making a dent!
Toby and Archie relaxing.
Blackberry jam on toast!
Snap comes to pick up her second load of bricks!
The, ahem, cozy living room!