Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finding Ancient Indian Artifacts (well, one), Coming to Terms with the Fact that Solo is in his Final Golden Days, a Fixer Project and Other Fun Stuff at the Lazy Vegan

 Solo many years ago after his first race!  As I recall he placed first in his category (dog!) and I placed second in my age group (which was younger than it is now...).
Another week has come and gone!  Which is actually the very first sentence of Wasabi's "special song" that the foreman sings (substituting "week" for "day") to his bunny at the end of the day...but we'll leave that piece of news for a future blog posting! Anyway, another week HAS come and gone.  It started off way too hot and ended up being my favorite temperature with nice cool breezes.  I've been really worried about Solo lately - he just definitely is having problems moving around and other issues.  He's OLD!  I had a long conversation with my vet and she suggested starting to keep a log of his good moments v.s. his bad moments.  When the bad outweigh the good, it is time to make some serious decisions.  The foreman and I were discussing this in the living room while Solo sat in his little bed and I swear he seemed to be "on" to us!  Because suddenly he perked right up and hours later ate his dinner with much more gusto than he usually does - he even seemed to stagger around with more energy.  He has an alertness about him that makes us think he really DOES want to be around longer...so no decision will be made any time soon.  I love that little old pup but want to do the compassionate thing when the time comes.  In other news, the foreman discovered an ancient Indian artifact (I just love typing those words) - probably the start of an arrowhead - on our property when he was replanting a plant.  We've found an actual arrowhead before near the same area.  Makes me want to do some digging!  Other big news:  we closed escrow this week on our new fixer project.  Busy, busy, busy!
Solo in his younger days...no white muzzle!
 Archie's friend has been coming by a lot lately.
 Being bad.  Again!
 Toby has been spending more time around the bun lately.
 Yes, that's right - the foreman is cooking!  Summertime is the ONLY time this happens.

 Relaxing on her own private balcony.
 The sun sets!
 Little old Solo.
 And young Paco...especially when one considers that he has about 36 years of his life ahead of him still.
 Mr. Grasshopper!

 Morning lounging time.

 It is hard to believe that when the rain comes back so will the grass!

 Silly Weegie and even sillier Paco!

 Paco's head looks HUGE!

 Maybe Toby thinks that Wasabi can start tossing him his ball or something!
 The bun gets company while she eats her salad.
 Exploration time!

 Sitting with Bravo the correct way...instead of him sitting on the back of the chair!

 With Solo.  He is SO skinny now.
 Playing music for the animals!

 On the really hot days, Wasabi got TWO frozen bottles next to her.
 That face!

 Everyone cooling off in the early evening.

 If Wasabi could talk, she'd have a lot to say!

 Archie is coming around less frequently, and I am trying to remain detached about it.
 I have no idea what I am doing here.  Posing!
 Wasabi investigates the pinwheel!

 Standing for a closer look.
 Mr. Toby and the hot, hot sun.
 The lizards don't seem to mind the heat!
 The arrowhead - or, the beginning of one - made of white quartz.

 Wish they could all play Monopoly together or something!

 Checking out the gate-free terrace (with supervision, of course!).

 Solo enjoyed a frozen water bottle, too.

 It was just TOO hot!

 The foreman takes down the garbage!

 He is such a funny cat.  I hope he starts coming around on a regular basis again.

 The fixer property - photos not in any order.  Above is part of the nice sunny yard!
 The bathroom, which is actually almost completely renovated.

 The, uh, vintage oven!
 A scary corner!
 Ah, what is that STENCH???
 Won't be cooking here any time soon.
 The hallway!
 The crazy new owners!

 Some ripe blackberries!

 The freaky fireplace!
 That crazy couple again!
 I think I look like Homer Simpson here.
 WOW - free coat hangers!!!
 You gotta love subflooring!
 Roses in the yard - the most beautiful thing there!
Some day it will be transformed!