Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth of July on the Third of July at the Lazy Vegan!!!

Happy 4th of July from those patriotic donkeys, Paco & Luigi!!!
And from the VERY patriotic rabbit, Wasabi!!!
It is always fun to throw a holiday into the mix of the week here at the Lazy Vegan!  As usual, Paco was a super good sport of a donkey and allowed me to plop a hat on his head and stick a flag in his mouth for a photo opportunity!  Luigi did his usual part - stood nearby but didn't want to wear a costume - although he DID allow the foreman to briefly put a hat on him, too!  We've been having a little heatwave, following two days of rain earlier in the week (be sure to notice Bravo's spiffy raincoat attire in this posting!).  The flies are really pesty and I have to put tons of fly spray on the boys at least twice a day to keep them comfortable.  By "the boys" I mean, of course, the donkeys!
Ready for the national anthem!
Luigi is thinking that Paco looks RIDICULOUS!
Weegie always does like to check out the costume gear.
He allowed the flag scarf to be draped over him briefly.

Posing with the patriotic Paco.

Getting into the 4th of July spirit on the 3rd of July!

I was so proud of Luigi!

He looks SO cute in a hat!

The ridiculous patriotic couple!

Bravo wasn't thrilled with this get-up.
They all put up with it for some treats!

My version of "time release" with this flower blooming...I just kept going back to take a photo!

Squash flower!
My little old man pup.
Balcony bunny!

This was a FANTASTIC surprise - I got a package in the mail that held this amazing journal that my cousin Jennie's daughter, Molly, made out of my dear brother Dan's shirt!!!!!!  I am going to use it to write down memories of Dan.  It will be a treasured journal and was an incredibly sweet & thoughtful gift!!!
Molly gets the kudos for making the journal while her mama gets the kudos for wrapping it so nicely and sending it off to me!  THANK YOU!!
Mr. Weegie!
The boys pose.
I love my somewhat shy Luigi!
Paco doing a funny stance!

Trudging toward the barn for...treats!

The foreman tends to the vegetable garden.

The lettuce is amazing and came from seed!
Bravo on the move.

And Solo on his slow downhill move!

Paco escorts the dogs OUT of the pasture!
Dusk settles on the Lazy Vegan.

Believe it or not, being given "the butt" is a very clear form of donkey communication!  In this case, I was LATE with the hay!
I'm really surprised that Solo can manage to move around so much still.  He will fall over a lot and cannot go uphill.  Plus, he continues to lose weight despite being fed more food.  I know it is just a matter of time.  Speaking of passing on, I had a wonderful Boulder dream:  I dreamt that Boulder appeared in the living room and was very casually walking around the house.  I was thrilled to see him!  I asked him:  Boulder, are you visiting from another realm?  And his reply was a single "Meow"!!

One of my favorite plants on the property, the Matea Poppy.

Hanging out waiting for their fly spray to be applied!
Very helpful donks.

The fly spray brings instant relief, but it doesn't last all day, unfortunately.

The first raspberry!  What makes it even more exciting is that these were free raspberry plants left up by our mailboxes with a "free" sign!  The foreman did a good job planting them.
Things are blooming and booming (just in time for the 4th!) in the garden.

With the old pup.

Lately Toby likes to "stand guard" when Wasabi is napping in her cottage!
Karina came by and here she is leaving with a belated wedding gift from Andree - a really cool picnic backpack with places for wine bottles, silverware, a cutting board, etc.!
Archie!!  He's been coming around at odd times lately and skipped two days, which had me worried.

Claire came for a visit and borrowed some gear she needs for her next adventure - which is in Oregon, where she'll be attending a sustainable-housing workshop for almost two months!  Very cool.
The foreman being silly with the tool belt that he adjusted to fit Claire!
Spice drops for dessert in the midst of the gear-gathering!
She looks great in my sun hat!
Wasabi thinks so, too!

Wasabi stands up for a closer look!
Wasabi contemplates heading out to the deck.
But then turned around and did a binky back to the kitchen!
Mornings at the Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi's first visit to our office!  I briefly came in before taking her to the bunny playground - didn't want to leave her in the car even for a minute!
Let me out, she says!  Let me work on a file or something!
It was great to see all the playground bunnies, and Wasabi got her nails trimmed, too.
A new bun named Franklin says hi to Nicolas.
Rupert and Annabelle.
Wasabi allows herself to be petted!
Relaxation time!
Wasabi loves the leopard tunnel!
The volunteers were laughing at how silly she looked peering out of the end of the tunnel.
A new bun named Felicia.
Franklin strikes a pose!
A red shouldered hawk on top of the cypress.

Paul came for a visit, too!  Bravo is always so excited to see him!

The foreman retrieved Solo from his downhill wanderings.
Paul plays with Bravo!
On super hot days it is nice to have the late afternoon breeze return!
Bravo gives Wasabi a banana treat!
Hanging out on the terrace.

Solo gets extra attention.
Wasabi LOVES to chew the inside of a box!
What to do next...

Saying hi to the oldest.
Relaxing before dinner.

Bravo all set to go for a walk in the rain!  He is getting really fit and twice now has walked with me to get the newspaper in town - quite a walk!

Posing with the hiking pooch.

Happy 4th of July!!