Sunday, August 28, 2011

Luigi Demands More Hay, The Ridiculous Photo of the Week and a Close Call Between Archie & Wasabi and Almost a New Grand DOG at the Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi loves to try to chew the laces of my running shoes!
Ever since Luigi found out that he's earning money from his famous YouTube video he's been "asking" (hee-hawing!) for more hay!  It all started one morning when I fed the charming boys at their usual 5 a.m. breakfast time.  The flake of hay was a bit thinner than usual, but I didn't think they'd notice.  Well, they did...particularly Luigi, who stood in the corner of the corral facing the house and let loose his best (but barely audible) hee-haw about an hour later.  "More hay!"  he seemed to be hee-hawing (saying).  "More hay...after all, I'm paying for it!"  I made the mistake of rushing out with more hay, and for three consecutive mornings the same thing happened.  It was never Paco hee-hawing - just Luigi.  All of this fame has gone to his head!  Hee, hee. In other Lazy Vegan news, we had a very scary heads-up moment between Archie & Wasabi the other morning. Wasabi was in her "kitchen playground" and I was doing my hair in the bathroom when suddenly I heard a loud "thunk" noise.  I rushed out to the kitchen just in time to see Archie in the classic cat predator pose, standing on the open window sill, looking down at Wasabi.  I could not believe it!!  My timing was perfect and I caused a big scene and Archie fled.  I had never thought about him being able to leap up so high - and it really hadn't entered my mind that much about the possibility of him being interested in Wasabi as prey.  I've only seen him once since that event - he's been staying away.  It is very sad, but now the neighbor and I are discussing whether or not they should try to take him with them when they move in a couple of weeks.  I am heartbroken, but also realistic - I can't risk the safety of our precious rabbit!  And, lastly, I came very close to being a grandmother this week...to a dog!  Karina and Nick had a stray dog appear on their doorstep a couple of nights ago.  He was a beautiful dog and looked just like a Belgian Malinois - similiar to a German Shepard but smaller and supposed to be even smarter...it is the breed of dog that the military uses a lot in their operations, and, in fact, was the rumored dog used to get Osama Bin Laden.  They spent the weekend with the dog with the intent to take it in to the vet to check for a microchip I.D.  - but it was discovered that the dog actually belonged to a nearby neighbor who was VERY excited to be reunited!
Toby says hi to Wasabi.
Bravo silently plans his day.
The almost-new grand-dog!  He's wearing one of Toby's harnesses.  Snap and I first were introduced to the dog on Saturday when Nick and Karina drove by and saw us ending our weekly walk/coffee routine.  They were taking the dog with them to a beer fest (apparently the dog had a great time)!

Posing with their friend Joey.
This breed of dog is amazingly smart.
And very calm.  NOTHING like a Jack Russell terrier!

Such a sweet face.  I'm sad they weren't able to keep him, but happy that he was reunited with his family!
This is a Belgian Malinois, above, jumping out of a military aircraft!
Back at the Lazy Vegan,  Paco eyed Bravo.
Luigi can't figure out why he can't have access to unlimited hay!

Silly Paco.

The weekly donkey/Diana pose.
Little old Solo goes downhill.

Things are getting pretty rough with Solo.  Now he can no longer get out of his little bed at all - so I have to pick him up when he wants water.  I have to get serious about making the ultimate decision.  Probably in the next couple of weeks.

Hanging out at lunch time.
I call this the "superhero pose"!
Milling about in the morning.
Continuing to take down blackberry bushes at the fixer.
Figuring out what siding is going to go.
A feline visitor at the fixer!  I think this cat lived nearby.

Very cute about watching the activity!

Now you can finally see the house from the road.

Yum!  Raspberries from the garden!
Happy early evening donkeys.

It is harder than it looks trying to move a donkey!!

Paco wasn't going to budge.  At all.

A ridiculous photo, but not THE ridiculous photo of the week...that's coming.

Bravo looking for trouble.
More of the "superhero pose"!!

Take a good look - this is no doubt the cleanest interior of a microwave you've ever seen...because it is brand new!  Our old one died earlier in the week.
This new brand of seasoned tofu tastes a lot like feta cheese - yum!
I like to sprinkle it on broccoli and kale and brown rice.
I feel somewhat responsible for the close-call between Archie & Wasabi because I let him wander inside a few times.
My heart aches, but I am pretty sure he shouldn't stay around.  If the neighbors can't take him, of course I will - and will just have to be very cautious with Wasabi.
Standing up for her carrot treat.
The farrier came to trim the donkeys' hooves!
Getting ready.

Trying to behave.
Weegie helped himself to some extra hay while Paco had his hooves trimmed!

Luigi is very patient.  Both donkeys really hate this routine.

All the hoof trimmings!  I pick them up so Bravo doesn't try to eat them.

Always something going on in the kitchen.

Salad time!

Poor Solo falls down.

Who knows what the future holds for Archie - I wish he was more domesticated!
Wasabi has the right to know we'll keep her safe and sound.
Saying hi to Bravo!
Napping on the terrace earlier in the week.
Enjoying the evening breeze.
Hopping down into the living room.
The fearless little rabbit!

Archie hangs out while I iron, days before the scary incident.

Hoping some breakfast crumbs will drop!

Such a begging bun.
Nobody can ever stop the foreman from smiling or posing now!
Toby makes himself comfy on one of Wasabi's "toys".
The famous "roll-over" pose!!!  Every once in a while out of the blue Wasabi will dramatically flip over like this and remain "frozen" for several seconds.  It is the funniest sight ever in person!
The donks head over for some attention.


AND:  The most ridiculous photo of the week, above!!!

Weegie takes a quick dust bath.

Chasing Toby out.

And then chasing out Bravo.

Solo gets a lift.
Poor Archie.  I hope we come up with a solution for him.
Bringing down the bun for the day.
Whoa!  Super huge zukes!