Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Annual Trip to the Fair, Archie Settles in & More Birthdays at the Lazy Vegan!

Archie Settles into a Lazy Vegan Routine!
What a fun week at the Lazy Vegan with the annual trip to the fair & two birthdays...the foreman turned a year older and so did Nick! Archie tried on a collar with a spiffy new tag - but, alas, it only stayed on him for a day.  He may be too much of an outdoor cat to wear a collar, so I may have to have him microchipped, instead.  And I also realized he most likely won't ever come in the house - there's still a wild/feral streak in him that may always remain intact.  Unlike Boulder, who definitely liked his cozy times inside on the couch!  Lots of photos this week...mainly of the fair...even got my palm read this year!  
Sometimes the grass literally IS greener on the other side.
Weegie steps out.
Having fun!

It is tricky to get fly spray on Weegie sometimes, so I "trick" him by getting a towel wet with the spray and letting it sit on his back for a while.  He doesn't seem to mind that.

The weekly pose!
Luigi being silly.

He looks pretty darn cute with the towel on!

Lounging bun with silly ears.

Dogs and bun in living room.

Wasabi is in her "super hero position" - what we call it when her back legs are stretched out!

Playful Archie.
Huge paws!

Sunset relaxation time.

Best friends!

Just like Boulder, Archie loves the terrace to nap on.

The Humane Society where I volunteer!
Archie and Wasabi spot one another through the door.

Bun in box.

CARROTS!  Not all for her, though.
The birthday boy enjoys a margarita.
Yummy free apples from the neighbor's orchard!
Archie tries out one of his new toys.
The foreman says good morning to part of the crew.

Archie's new bed!

Wearing his new collar and tag!

Happy birthday to the foreman!
Showing off his nice new blazer from the Gap.

Archie napping again.
The foreman shows off his cool shirt from Snap!
What else would the foreman do for a while on his birthday but work at the fixer!

Putting up new screening.

Wine from Archie and from Wasabi for the foreman!
Vegan carrot cake!

Snuggle couch time with the bun.

Wasabi LOVES to hang out on her private balcony.
Mama and baby deer!

Bravo scores yet another of Wasabi's toys.

The foreman showing off his gift cards from Dad & Deb and the Tomashefskys!

Quality time with Toby.
Posing with the foreman's drink...I then made myself a non-alcoholic version - although that margarita stuff is too sweet, even for me!
Noble bun.
Exploring the box that the neighbor's apples came in.

THE ANNUAL TRIP TO THE SONOMA COUNTY FAIR!  I'm not a fan of the animal aspect of the fair - or of any fairs - but the rest of it was fun!
Scott on the jiggle-your-feet machine (not in motion).
Anth and Drew!

Where Snap (a.k.a. Jeanne) bought her baked potato!
Patty's annual funnel cake, complete with whipped cream.

Dining out by the Palm Reader booth!

Yum, yum!

My sunglasses broke, but I still tried to be hip!

Drew scored a funnel cake, too!

At the races, which, again, I don't approve of...too many retired racing horses end up in terrible & inhumane situations.

I liked the formality of the races, though.

Drew takes it all in.

Patty's winnings, a giraffe, also watches!

I might start a new trend with the one shade sunglasses thing...
In the parking lot!  You gotta take parking lot photos, too!

Being silly with the Geico gecko.

The annual Whac-a-Mole game - this year Patty won!

So much color at the fair!

We missed not having Aaron with us this year!
Another round of Whac-a-Mole!

Anth tries his luck at another game.
We all got an "A" for effort - but Patty got the prize!

I love the carnival guy's expression here!

Scott's turn!
Palm reading time!!!  There were two palm readers - mine took all of two minutes with me and said I'm going to live a long life and that I'm not a troublemaker - woo hoo!
While Snap's palm reader took EONS - we thought Snap would never emerge from the palm reading booth!

Every once in a while we could see a glimpse of Snap moving her arm inside.
Finally finished!
Scott's turn again!

Posing with artwork by my friend, Marion!

Final game time.

Drew gets some air!

Anth with fake money!
On the way home!
At Grandma Snap's, where we spent some time with the other birthday boy of the week - Nick!

A candle in a slice of Snap's amazing vegan zucchini bread!

The cute couple.

Another year older!