Sunday, August 21, 2011

Luigi Pays for Hay at the Lazy Vegan!

Very exciting news here at the Lazy Vegan...the video I took of Luigi innocently peeing in the barn about 4 years ago is now a YouTube hit with almost 300,000 views!  Google emailed me suggesting that I sign up for their AdSense program, where they place ads on videos & blogs.  I finally got around to signing up and lo and behold...Luigi will be receiving his first check soon - and will continue to get "royalties" as people click on the ads!  So essentially, Luigi will be paying for his own hay!  He was quite pleased to hear the news and almost immediately went into the barn to pee.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my video camera with me to document the event...we could have filmed Part Two!  Check out the famous YouTube Luigi video at the bottom of this posting!
OMG...the raspberries are ripe!!!

Claire came for a visit and told us all about her cool housing workshop in Oregon!
She got some quality time with the old pup.

He loved the attention.

Bravo on one of his "special walks".  We always check out the blackberries, and he'll get one or two.

Pups hanging out.

Toby rarely sits next to Solo, so this was a cute sight.

The bun is ready for action!
Poor old Solo makes his way.

The days are definitely numbered, but we're going to make them all count.

Archie!  He's a silly cat.  He loves to dash out from the bushes when I feed the donkeys early in the morning.

The foreman shows off the world's most basic plate of pasta.

Silly cat.  And silly me.
WHOA - Tail end of a BINKY caught on camera!
Quite pleased with herself.

Hop, hop, hop.
I was invited to my neighbor's house for some vegan sushi (girls' night out - so the foreman stayed home).  I baked some vegan brownies to take with me.  I loved walking to the party!  But I left before dark, and ran home...had managed to freak myself out with mountain lion stories.  Of course, running was probably the worst thing I could do!
Morning music time.

Weegie, upon hearing the news of his fame on YouTube.

I think he feels great about contributing financially.  In fact, I think he's ready to film Part Two!

This weekend was the Sonoma County Air Show, which meant we got to see some cool planes fly by!
Paco was being a pretty good sport about allowing Weegie his fifteen minutes of donkey fame.

Yes, that's right...the weekly raccoon scat photo!!
Toby, a.k.a. the deaf pup, looks at absolutely nothing.
Little lizard basking.
This is how I always find Solo now after taking him outside...he'll wander downhill a bit and then will fall over.
Archie comes to the door now when he's ready for breakfast, dinner or a snack!
The foreman brings Wasabi down to the kitchen playground for the day.
The Humane Society runs this ad in the paper for the bunny playground...so cute!
Hanging out with Toby.

I love the boxes I find at Costco!
Visiting with the foreman before he goes off to play in a tennis match.

Poor Solo - his back legs just fold alongside of him now!

The first barely-ripe tomato!!

Love to eat the raspberries right off the bush.
Salad and Solo!
The barely ripe tomato, sliced up!
Carrot treat time!

This cracked me up...while the dogs do their thing, the bunny does a binky-style leap right out of the living room!

Archie enjoys some sunshine.
Reading and relaxing.

Paco is determined to get a raspberry!

Silly Weegie.
Most of the tomatoes are still very green.
Snuggle time with Archie.

OH, UGH...Archie hunted and killed a bird before I could intervene!!  He's much more of a hunter than Boulder ever was.  I wish he would wear a collar with a bell!

Heading over for the evening banana bite time!

One flopped-out bunny relaxing in the living room!

We pretty much move Wasabi's stuff to wherever she wants to hang out at!
The pups put up with it.  I think they like having a bunny sister around!

Sweet dreams, Solo.
This is Bravo after hopping up on the kitchen table and chomping down a hummus sandwich!
Archie's eyes, my eyes!