Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Old Pup, the Deaf Pup, the Obnoxious Pup, the Semi-Wild Cat, Two Donkeys Looking for Something to Do and the One Rabbit Who Oversees it All at the Lazy Vegan!

Bravo loves his vegan kibble!

This week I was hyper aware of the different personalities belonging to each creature at the Lazy Vegan.  For Solo, it isn't so much his personality I noticed (although he definitely has one) as it was his old age...the poor pup really is starting to struggle with walking and eating.  Earlier in the week I took him outside and then was distracted by a phone call, and during that time he managed to wander downhill - WAY downhill by the neighbor's house, even managing to go underneath a fence.  I looked for him all over the property and finally heard a little bark and found him, where he had fallen down.  It was so sad and pathetic!  He was in high dry grass on a very steep hill.  It was a huge heads-up that I cannot leave him unattended any more!  Toby is also showing his age with his hearing loss - which would be almost comical if it wasn't also annoying.  Now when I call him he doesn't EVER come!  And Bravo remains true to his obnoxious terrier self...my favorite Bravo stunt of the week was when he suddenly started to dramatically cough in the entry hall.  He looked like he had to throw up, so I immediately opened the door to let him out, leash-free - which is when he had an amazingly rapid recovery and tore off toward the neighbor's house in search of cat food!  
The donkeys were super playful this week.  They're always looking for something new to do!

Investigating the salt lick.
Really silly Weegie!
Chasing off Archie.

Archie always follows me to do the evening donkey chores.
Begging bun at the breakfast table!
Being semi-deaf does have some perks for Toby, who has been sneaking off to eat Archie's cat food lately!
Oh, my.  It didn't take long to settle in!
On warm evenings I put up a dog gate so the pups and bun can enjoy the breeze.
Just like Boulder did, Archie likes the front terrace - it is like his perch!
Cooling down next to the frozen water bottle.
Two beds...but Archie would rather lay on concrete!
Daily bunny kisses!
Evening lounging Archie.  I am realizing that he really is semi-wild.  I doubt he'll ever come indoors.

He is such a silly cat!
He probably thinks I'm really silly, too!

The drama at dusk...reader, beware...some graphic photos coming up.  I took the dogs out to do their biz one evening and they all went crazy sniffing, so I knew something was up.
It was a good thing that Bravo was on leash, because otherwise he'd have zoomed off to investigate!

First, I found some turkey feathers...
Then the foreman went with me into the woods.  Apparently he'd seen vultures earlier in the day so he knew something was up.
The foreman is being dramatic!
Off up the hillside...
Sadly, it was either a fawn or a jack rabbit that was killed...the vultures pretty much took it down to the skeletal remains.

This is what Solo looks like when he falls over...it almost looks like he's just sitting!
Morning fun time!
It always cracks me up that Wasabi wants to sit right next to "Buddy" and "Baby".
Fawns early one morning.
Waiting for dinner.

ARRRGGHHH...I broke my Vita Mix blender!  I was making almond butter and accidentally left a metal spoon in.  I ordered parts, and they arrived...but even with the foreman's help we could not put it back together.  Will have to call customer service tomorrow.  I use my Vita Mix every day!!
The bun relaxes in her Cottontail Cottage.
The alert look!

The obnoxious one snoozes.
I just adore Wasabi's expressions!
Weegie looks like he's laughing!

It is so relaxing to just hang out with the boys.

Weegie's big snout!
More cooling off time.
Toby's funny look.  This was after he'd managed to sneak some of Archie's cat food!

Solo keeps on hanging in there...I really evaluate him each day.
Whenever I'm doing any kind-of food prep, I have an audience!

So cute!!
At the fixer...

The foreman gestures toward all the great fencing work he did.
Taking home firewood for our house!

A score - found a piece of obsidian on the property!
The yard looks huge now.

Lots of bunny lounging going on this week.
The bent spoon that was destroyed by the mighty Vita Mix blender!
Double petting time!

I've been collecting acorns for my neighbor for the fawn rescue work she does...she will soon be releasing the two orphaned fawns!
A dragonfly I saved from our living room.
Yippee..salad time again!

Solo trudges on!
Archie loves to be held and brushed...which is good, because his fur can get pretty wild.

Such a handsome feline face!
Up to no good!
The bunny supervises EVERYTHING.
And she KNOWS it!

Solo thinks over his day, while Toby doesn't flinch when I say his name!