Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend at the Lazy Vegan!

Solo spends most of his day sleeping now, comfortable with a heated bean bag.
     Another week has come and gone!  To celebrate Labor Day weekend, we really did nothing.  Worked a bit on the fixer and around home.  I cleaned my closet and organized my vast collection of vegan shoes on a new shoe organizer that Bravo helped me assemble (he supervised).  Solo did a lot of sleeping inbetween falling down.  We are very close to making that decision to hasten his arrival at Heaven...probably within the next few weeks.  I hate to talk about it that way and can't even stand to type the words.  But his quality of life is getting pretty low - I can't stand to see him struggle just because we'd like to keep him alive!  He has to work at everything now and really is only eating because I am coaxing him to.  So sad to be nearly at the end...he's a great pup.
     One highlight this week was when a location scout company came to...well, to scout our property for a potential photo shoot for various advertisers such as Pottery Barn & Williams Sonoma!  I went into high-gear and did a deep cleaning job in anticipation of the appointment, and boy am I glad I did...the photographer took photos of everything, even the wood beamed ceilings (which were covered in cobwebs just the day before!).  He loved the house and property and the cabins AND the donkeys and even took photos of them...so who knows, maybe Paco and Luigi will end up in a photo shoot some day!
The foreman had started to weed and we just couldn't clean EVERYTHING up before the location scout came...but I did manage to "modify" Wasabi's living areas a bit (which greatly annoyed her).
Wasabi thumped to let me know she wasn't happy with the fact that I had cleaned up her "upstairs penthouse"!
Aerial view of pups hanging out.
Yep, it is that time of year when the foreman makes his one and only dish:  "Garden Fresh Pasta"!
My supervisor helps me assemble a new shoe shelf.
Wasabi helped, too.  She loved hanging out in the bedroom!

An expression of joy, above.

She loves exploring new surroundings.

I think she doesn't like it when I photograph "potty time"!

Bravo insisted on hanging out, too.

Checking out one of my vegan shoes.  It turns out I now have more pairs of vegan shoes than I care to confess.

Did somebody say CARROT?
Kissing the foreman.
Oh, that face!

So much fun having a bun around!
The donks look so much alike sometimes.
Weegie scratches an itch!
Snuggling - or trying to - with old Solo.

I love my silly donkeys.

I love it when Paco comes over to the bench and rests his head on my lap.

This is Luigi's snout above.  It is so cute how he has a bit of an underbite!
The bun stands for salad!
Solo and his huge shadow.
Making the rounds.

The location scout took photos of tons of stuff, even this old table.
I hate the idea of Solo no longer being here!!

The boys are all set to perform for a photo shoot!

If he could walk better, things would be different for Solo - but it is all a downhill struggle...literally.

Carrot treat time!

Grooming "Mama".

Toby plans his next begging event.

On alert for dropped pieces of food!
Wasabi did one of her famous "roll-overs" inside her wicker tent!

Labor Day weekend menu:  vegan burger with Fritos (the real thing) and bell pepper!
Paco stops to chat with his shadow.
The mid-afternoon stare down for carrots!

Right after the location scout left our front awning pretty much fell apart - I have to take it it to be fixed at the seams.
Pure silliness around here.

Wasabi, a.k.a. "Bean", hangs with the foreman while watching the U.S. Open.
She seems to appreciate a good tennis match.
At the fixer - hauling off MORE stuff!

Posing on a stump.

Soon we'll be hiring a crew to put on a deck, put in French doors and other misc. stuff.  YIPPEE!

I like the metal tray underneath all the salvaged stuff.
Solo gets some fresh air.

Bravo enjoys the sunshine.
I tried to stay out of the way while the location scout shot the front of the house.  I hope to be able to see the photos that he took soon.

He also loved the "hay cabin", esp. the windows.

The donks sneak their snouts into the garden!

Solo hobbles downhill.
Paco shows off his teeth!

A family of quail in the pasture.
Finally...ripe tomatoes!
Solo tries to follow the foreman.

Relaxing after dinner.

Coming down in the morning!
The begging lunch crew.

I finally bought new running shoes and they're great!  What a difference new shoes can make.

Hummingbird gets a drink.
Playing time for the donkeys!

They can get pretty rowdy, so I have to keep a distance!

I hope our place gets booked for a photo shoot soon.  It would be a kick!  Apparently it takes 1-2 days and a big crew comes and "camps out".  We'll have to figure out a safe place for the animal crew!

Figuring out what toy to chew on next.

The bun "free ranging" in the living room.

I adore this bunny.  I also adore Archie, but it looks 98% sure that he WILL be moving with the neighbors after all, and I've made peace with that...I don't have to worry about Wasabi's safety with him gone and I know he's going with a good family.  Still, it is a bit sad and I'll miss seeing him around a lot.

This little frog was on the outside of our kitchen window one evening...I think he wanted in!
I call this "Frog in Space".
He looks so cute!
The location scout guy really loved the cabin.
And I loved his business card!