Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hoping that Solo will Regain Mobility, Final Farewell to Archie & A Day of Drizzle in September at the Lazy Vegan

It has been a rough week at the Lazy Vegan.  Solo can no longer bring himself to a standing position.  He can walk, but he has to be put in an upright position first to do so.  This means when I leave the house and put him in his little bed, he'll be in the same spot when I return.  He'll bark when he wants to get up, but we have to figure out what he needs - a walk or water.  Plus, he had been getting up at 3 a.m. or earlier to bark...so it has been an exhausting week!  A trip to the vet brought him some relief with painkillers, but so far there's been no change in his mobility.  It is so sad, because he's totally alert and his appetite is good again...his body is just fading before his brain!  I'm still hoping that the painkillers will help bring some mobility back.  Otherwise, I'm having conversations with him about making the big transition.  And in other Lazy Vegan news, the feline drama has come to an end and Archie is definitely moving with the neighbors and leaves in a few days.  As sad as I am about this, I think it is for the best.  I hope he stays safe and sound in his new neighborhood!  Some day another cat will come into our lives, I'm sure...as I know from volunteering at the Humane Society, there are no shortage of cats up for adoption!
Today is dark and gray, which seems an appropriate color to remember 9/11...hard to believe a decade has passed...
 The foreman and Paco pose.
 Looking handsome in the pasture.

 Weegie strikes a pose in the barn!

 Solo is much more comfortable on the painkillers - so at least we can keep him feeling good before we make that decision.
Because Solo would not stop barking at one point, I took him into the bathroom while I got ready.  Toby immediately joined him.

Wasabi and the foreman enjoy breakfast while watching the U.S. Open.

Hobbling along still!

Solo and I spent some time sitting in the yard getting fresh air on the first day of drizzle of the season.
He is looking pretty worn out.
But he's enjoying the extra attention!
Birds against the gray skies.

Mama deer with her youngster.  My neighbor released her rescued fawns on Sept. 9th - so I've been on the lookout for them!

Bravo checks out the deer.
And his own reflection!

Resting with the old pup.
The rare appearance of a Praying Mantis.

Love the face!
Lounging donks.

Free-ranging bun.

I love it when she leaps into the kitchen!
Solo takes in all the action.

The turkeys!  They haven't been around in months.
More donkey napping.

I think I am starting to look a bit like Paco.  Or maybe he's starting to look like me!

I just think he has the cutest snout ever.  So does Luigi!

When I was feeling sad about Solo and about Archie, I went down to the corral and hung out with the donkeys.  They have a very healing effect!

Early signs of Fall.
Solo can cover a lot of ground quickly, but if he falls down it is all over.
The dinner stare!

My little old terrier.

Wasabi wanted attention, too!
Bravo happily chomps on one of Wasabi's stolen rabbit toy sticks.

Toby goes nuts with the toy cat!

I got this cute dog t-shirt on clearance at the pet store.  It is the perfect weight for keeping Solo warm at night.

Plus, he looks so hip!
The elusive bunny yawn!
The two black & whites of the household rest.

Earlier in the week it was hot enough for TWO frozen water bottles!

Wasabi shows off her funny ears.

Causing trouble in the kitchen.
Trying to look innocent!

I wish it was more obvious what to do with Solo...I wish, in a way, he had more serious problems than the one mobility issue.  Then it would be a no-brainer as to what to do.  Right now I'm just not quite ready to have him leave us.
I'm hoping I'll get a sign from him...although despite falling down, right now he seems eager to be here.  The vet said that terriers tend to fight it till the end!

Labor Day fun in the sun.
Toby helps himself to a drink.
Grandma Snap visits Solo!
And says hi to the donks.
Taking turns holding the old pup. 
Discussing the day with Paco!

Deb with Solo in his younger years!