Sunday, September 25, 2011

Solo's Neurological Condition, the First Big Drizzle of the Season and The Donkeys Pick their Halloween Costumes Early at the Lazy Vegan!

It was another emotional week at the Lazy Vegan, trying to decide what to do with Solo...when suddenly he started to improve!  He got up out of bed by himself, which was a big surprise - and then continued to get up as the week went on.  So I did some internet research to try to find out if his immobility problems might have a different cause than just old age.  The vet has said for years that she thought he suffered from a neurological problem (hence the no-tail-wagging - he has NEVER wagged his tail!).  The truth is he hasn't been able to do steps for several years and stopped jumping up on couches, etc. nearly a decade ago!  Anyway, I stumbled upon a website that discussed in great detail a condition that primarily affects Jack Russell terriers called "Spinocerebellar Ataxia", and there was a video of a JRT with the condition.  When I saw the way the terrier in the video walked, it was JUST like Solo walks!   So I immediately called my vet, but she was on vacation (funny, because the other vet - the house-call vet - was also on vacation when I called a couple of weeks ago!).  I've done more research and I'm quite certain this is what he has.  There is no cure for it and it will get progressively worse, but the really good news is that dogs are NOT in pain with the condition.  So we will keep him going for as long as it makes sense!  He seems to have caught a little second wind of puppy hood, too, because suddenly he is hobbling along with more of  a spring to his step.  YAY, SOLO!! He may just have one more Christmas in him yet!
Comfort food week, part two:  vegan french toast!

Dog and bun together.
Toby gets a hug!
My little neurologically-challenged old pup!
I have a sneaky feeling that this pair of fawns walking down our driveway were the ones that my neighbor took care of for four months!

Solo seems more relaxed, too.  Maybe in part because his "mama" isn't as stressed out any more about him!
Yes, folks - that's an oven in the yard at the fixer!  It's called COOKING OUT.
The foreman ripped into the kitchen.  My big job was bringing him a banana as a snack.  Then I wisely got myself out of there.

Our contractor and his crew will start working on it in a week. Yippee!

Awesome clouds this week!

Solo really enjoys the outdoor time.

Posing with Bravo, too!

Playful donks!

Who, ME?

It is officially my favorite season!
Morning bun patrol!


Now, this is exciting:  the donkeys and I have been discussing what to do for Halloween this year.  I told them I found a great Mad Hatter hat and that we should seriously consider recreating the Mad Hatter tea party from Alice in Wonderland.  After much deliberation in the barn, they agreed.  So it is up to me (since they don't drive or shop) to start finding our props.  Found this awesome tray, teacups and fake silver teapot at the thrift store for CHEAP!  We're on our way.  Stay tuned!
Little frog on the windowsill.
The foreman bringing the bunny down.  He calls this the "bunny express".  This time she wasn't too happy about it.  Check out her "thumpers" - those are some mighty claws when they're spread out!

Solo visits the garden.
Lazy donks.
Dust bath!

Stepping gingerly through the leaves.

At the fixer!
The weekly pose.  Paco sure has a huge snout!

The donkeys are loving all the leaves that fall their way.
More interesting clouds.

Toby is so obviously hard of hearing now.  He'll go to the door to be let in, but won't hear me calling him at all.
Patiently awaiting her salad!
Morning patrol, again.  Time to get up, says the bun!

We got new t-shirts to wear at my volunteer job at the Humane Society!

Lounging together.

Snap outside the cafe we go to on Saturdays!
Enjoying the sunshine before a day of drizzle.