Sunday, September 18, 2011

Solo's Quality Golden Time, Archie Visits for the Very Last Time, Remembering the Tintin Comic Books & Rekindling my Love of Hats During the Final Days of Summer at the Lazy Vegan!

Summer is ALMOST over!  Of course, we'll still have the hot days of September and probably some in October, too...but I'll be putting away my vegan sandals and bringing out my fun vegan boot collection soon.  This week was a mixed bag of emotions, with Archie coming up our driveway for one final visit - literally hours before he left for his new house in a new neighborhood!  I was feeding the donkeys after dinner when I heard his little meow.  He stayed for about half an hour and I snapped some farewell photos and told him to be good in his new location.  Who knows...maybe he'll find his way back here ...but I'm hoping he safely settles in and remains with the neighbors who moved.  It is already so quiet with Archie gone and the rest of their animal crew.  It was also a stressful week with Solo, and with trying to come to terms with the fact that his life is coming to an end (and making the decision to have that happen probably soon).  He was somewhat improved, I thought, until I saw him fall down several times in a row.  We'll just continue to assess his condition day by day.  One bright spot this week was getting an email from my sister who shared the news that Tintin, the movie, is being released in December!  I hadn't thought about Tintin (European comic books with the awesome adventures of a young reporter and his fox terrier, Snowy) in years and found my collection in the closet upstairs.  To be fair, most of the books I have belong to my daughter - but since I've been the one responsible for their safekeeping for so many years I'm taking ownership!  Can't wait to see the movie - and perhaps go in costume!
OMG, Happy Birthday this week to Drew, who turns 13!!!  I know I've run this photo before, but couldn't resist doing so again.  The older he gets, the funnier the photo above of him taking a bath in Grandma Snap's sink is!
Paco always loves to help.
The weekly pose.
Looking for fallen leaves to munch on.
Toby relaxes while Wasabi grooms!
Karina and Nick say hi to Solo!

Checking out the foreman's old backpacks, which they're borrowing for their upcoming trip to Costa Rica!

They leave in two weeks!

The foreman makes his one meal that he ever makes..."Garden Fresh Pasta".

With LOTS of herbs.  I have to admit, it was delicious!

For me, this week was about comfort food, including yummy cinnamon raisin toast - with vegan butter!
Getting the old pup some fresh air and sunshine.

In my heart, I know the time is coming up.
Fall seems to be the time I lose my animal companions.  I'm trying not to think of it so much as loss as letting him go free.

HAT SCORE!  Found this really cool vintage hat (I think it really IS vintage; it has a tag from New York that looks super old) for a couple of bucks at the thrift store!  Woo hoo!  I'm rekindling my love of hats lately.
I love hats and used to have a huge collection that I sadly got rid of in one wild get-rid-of-stuff moment one day.  So now I'm rebuilding a new collection.

Bravo looks awesome in it!
Very stylin' pooch.
The veil part is kind of ripped, but that adds to the appeal, I think.

You gotta act the part when you wear a hat!

I knew Paco would be a stunner in it.  Weegie was right there to participate in his hatless way.
Hee, hee.

Solo declined to try it on.
As did the rabbit.
Making his hobbling way downhill.
The hard part is doing his biz...and that's why I know I'll be making a decision soon.

I took him with me to town one day to run errands and took him in with me to the feed store and the office.  He was o.k. - not overjoyed or anything, but seemed to like the distraction of something new.

It will just be extra snuggles from here on out!

Oh, my.  That's quite a mouthful of parsley!
Down the hatch it goes!
Relaxing after salad time.

Usually I have to lift Solo up and down steps, but he managed to go down this one by himself.

Toby is so obsessed with his ball that he was oblivious to Solo's hobbling ways.

Saying hello to Paco!
Beautiful donks.

Wasabi's new cardboard.  Whenever she gets something new, she has to "chin" it to claim it as her own...rabbits actually leave a scent on something with their chin.  Funny!
More comfort food...your basic tofu dog on a bun.
The trio of terriers.
Company from Toby!

Garden chores!
Wearing another one of my hats - one I've had for years.  No sense in having hats if you don't wear them...which is now my brand-new motto.

Standing for more parsley!
My (and Karina's) Tintin collection!
I had forgotten how much I love Snowy the dog.
And Spielberg is doing the movie!

The foreman bringing in a siamese-twin squash.
Donkey kiss about to happen!

Goofing around.

YIKES - sometimes Wasabi tries to leap out of arms - NOT a good thing!  Luckily the foreman always keeps her safe.
My final visit with Archie.  SNIFF.

Purring away.

More fresh air and sunshine for the old guy.

The final visit, again.

Such a beautiful cat!  I will miss seeing him a lot.

Farewell, Archie - stay safe and have a wonderful life!!!

What I do for fun...dusting with the big extending duster!

And what the foreman does for fun...
I'm amazed how Solo still manages to make his way down the main path.

Another visit from Karina.

Special time with Solo on the terrace.

Plus a song!