Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween at the Lazy Vegan!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  Technically it is the day before Halloween, but who is keeping track?  All of the animals weren't quite in the mood to dress up this year.  My grand plans for recreating the Mad Hatter Tea Party pretty much fell flat in the donkey corral...the boys were more interested in the peeling paint on the old table than they were in participating in posing for photos!  Plus, the skeleton kept falling over in his chair and each time that happened Paco & Luigi would buck and run off.  Such excitement!  Just in time for the holiday, a coyote came and visited at lunch one day...but even he declined to come in costume.  So, alas...here's the best we could do this Halloween.  Next year I'll start planning earlier and will slip costumes on with no preamble!  I'll let most of the photos speak for themselves in this posting...Happy Halloween!!

 My first attempt at pumpkin carving in literally YEARS!
 Getting ready to roast pumpkin seeds!
 The finished product hanging out with "Bones".

 I like happy pumpkins!

 The bun stands up for the pumpkin!

 Clearly the dogs were NOT into it this year!

The costume-less coyote!

Weegie chases a turkey!

The deer came as herself.
Morning fun.

You can see how Luigi feels about all of this.

Paco attempts to wear a hat.

I'd run away, too!!!

Who knows what the neighbors think...

Couldn't resist adding one of Solo's xrays!

Scenes from the failed tea party!!!

Boy, do I look like I'm having a blast!

Paco the Mad Hatter!

Off went to donkeys in a flash when the skeleton, a.k.a. "Bones Rousseau", fell over.

Getting more brave!

"Whew, Weegie...THAT'S over for another year!"