Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bun has Fun with the Pups & the Fixer Gets New Central Heat and More in What Feels Like the Warmest October Ever at the Lazy Vegan!

 The donks are happy to see new green grass coming up!
The past week was borderline HOT for nearly the end of October! I'm ready for cooler weather!  And so is Wasabi...bunnies don't fare well in warmer temperatures.  Despite the heat, it was an appropriate time to have central heating installed in the fixer, which will make it extra cozy for the person who ends up living there some day!  The foreman has been working very hard to finish the painting and other projects and it is coming along nicely.  I was thrilled this week to see Wasabi completely back to her usual perky self - and even hopping into the living room to strut her stuff among the Jack Russell terriers!  AND, last but not least...Happy Anniversary for us - today marks 19 years of a perfect imperfect match!  We'll be heading off soon to our favorite vegan restaurant!
 The weekly pose with Paco!
 NEW green grass!

 Weegie stands alone.
 Look at silly Weegie's expression!

 Bun on the run with the pups!
 The bun helped open anniversary cards!
 She's a huge help!

 Tasty envelope!

The foreman hard at work at the fixer one evening.

 How is one supposed to accessorize with HATS if the weather keeps staying warm???
Too hot for me.  Have to pile my hair on top of my head when it gets warm!
The foreman doesn't have to worry about hair!
Giving "Papa" kisses!

Major fun on a foggy morning.

Wasabi needs her own set of Legos or something!

Hopping back to the kitchen!
And more painting at the fixer!

The foreman is using Benjamin Moore "Linen White" for the walls.
I helpfully point out a mystery hole.

Snuggling with the bun and pup.

Quality evening time with the bun!
Reaching up for her banana bite!
Singing with Papa.

So happy that my bunny is healthy again!  She's such a big part of the family (and her stuff is EVERYWHERE)!

Oh, yum...munching on her wicker tent.

Checking in with the old pup.  Solo is doing better but at the same time falling down more this past week.

Oh, HEEELLLOOOOOO!!! The tail end of a binky.  Really extra hilarious if you click it and see it larger!
Five turks have been hanging out for the past two weeks.

Getting ready to sound off for dinner!
The evening walk.
New railing on the new front deck at the fixer!

New doorway and stairs to the garage at the fixer!
One of the brand new central heating vents!
Part of the central heating.

Things are really coming along!
Yet another fun evening at the Lazy Vegan!

"Uh, excuse me?  I'll take my banana bite now, please..."
Wasabi's awkward head turn to chew on her tent!

Flying back to the kitchen!
Staying cool beside a frozen water bottle!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  I'm posting these photos below later after we went into town and splurged (on me) and bought some new vegan Dansko boots (that the foreman picked out!) and then went out to dinner and had vegan lasagna and a nut burger!  It doesn't get much better than that!  Here's to the next 90 years together!