Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy (HOPPY!!) Birthday to Wasabi, Making Progress on the Fixer and the Search for a Real Raincoat at the Lazy Vegan!

A "greeting card" from one of Wasabi's pals on BunSpace!
HOPPY Birthday this week to Wasabi!!!  It was two years ago when I first saw this little black and white bun   in an outdoor cage with no bedding and a turned-over plastic container that should have at least had water.  I still vividly remember "the moment" when I saw the fluffy little creature stand up in her cage, seemingly looking  in my direction.  I was coming back from an early morning run.  Seeing the bunny stand up (which I later learned is called "periscoping" made me trespass to see her cage more closely - and when I saw how awful it really was up close, I took action!  Went directly to the front door and knocked away.  By late afternoon, the bunny was being transported in one of my cat carriers to our house...and the rest is history!  After spending one night in the cabin, the bun was immediately situated inside our home after a trip to the Humane Society gave me all the info I needed about keeping a house rabbit - something I had never heard of before.  I was amazed at how Wasabi quickly took to a litter box!  And, of course, by now I know how complex and intelligent and just plain wonderful house rabbits are.  So HOPPY birthday, Wasabi!  Here's to many more hoppy birthdays ahead!
The birthday display.

Early birthday morning.
Opening a gift!
What's this?  A Bunny IQ game from BunSpace!
It took Wasabi no time at all to figure out how to pull up a lid to find a treat underneath!

SOOOOOOOOO smart.  Of course, I already knew that.

Checking out the new wicker tent and wicker ball.
Singing happy (HOPPY) birthday to herself!

Standing for the extra special birthday salad.
The framed birthday bun!
Special attention from the foreman.

Taking off with the "Y"!!

These are little hay "cookies" that BunSpace sells.

I had wanted to take Wasabi to the bunny playground to celebrate with her own kind, but we didn't get there...maybe in a couple of weeks.  We'll bring the rest of the hay cookies to share!
 Solo relaxing.

 What a difference a day makes...sunshine above, and rain below!
 We had the first serious rain of the season and within hours the pasture and corral was muddy.  It reminded me that my search continues for a REAL raincoat - one that is actually waterproof and has a hood!  And is breathable...that's a big deal when you're running around (literally) doing donkey chores!  It is really hard to find a woman's raincoat that is practical and not fancy.  I've been looking!!
 Carrot treats in the dry barn.

 Things are starting to really happen at the fixer!

 The new cabinets arrived, in boxes.
 Hallway where a new door was put in that goes to the garage & laundry area.

 The cabinet color is called "merlot"!
 The beginnings of a new window in the bedroom.

 The decks get started.

Cement poured for the steps down from the deck.
New side deck - both decks are made out of IPE wood.
The cabinets installed!  Luckily, we had a crew do this!  Next will be the flooring, then the appliances and counter top.

"Board and batten" on the exterior.

Admiring one of the new decks at dusk.

Paint day!

What fun!

Almost like a party!

Breaking for lunch - an open-faced hummus, cucumber, carrot & tomato sandwich.
The foreman is the paint expert.
View from the street.

More photos from my volunteer job!  The young man I mentor took these photos.  We're working on making a poster out of them.
We were very pleased to see that two of our favorite cats - Brother & Sister - were adopted!
The cat above reminded me a bit of Boulder.
Where "Sister" used to sleep!
A fluffy cat - I think her name was Lucy.

Silly cat!

LOVE the cats!

Hanging out in the window seat area.

A brisk but sunny morning.
I love it when the donkeys stand still to soak up the sun!

Standing for another salad!
Oh, yum.  Dandy greens!
Quality morning time with the donks.

The foreman was trying to pose with Weegie, and Weegie was being funny about it!

Then he gave the foreman the "donkey butt".  Speaks volumes!

I still can't get over how well Solo is doing.  Here he is after walking by himself all the way down to the pasture!
My little old pup has life in him yet!
More paint prep work.
The cabinets again.  Maybe this is a repeat...oh, well.  Here they are again!

My least favorite thing - the yucky kind of insulation!

Painting is going to take a long time.  I made two trips to Home Depot for primer and caulking, a trip to the paint store, and several trips to the hardware store.  I can really fit a lot in the trunk of the Beetle!
The new window installed - on the right.
My what-is-this-freaky-wiring face.
The painter poses!
The weekly pose!

Oh, BEANO!  One of Wasabi's many nicknames.

The final bounty from the garden.
A basil bite for the bun!
Doing her biz!!! No privacy around here.
I feel so lucky to have this bunny in my life.
I think she feels pretty lucky, too!
In her upstairs "penthouse".
Listening to her bedtime song ("Another Day has Come and Gone" by the foreman).
What a beginning!  Her very first hour here, two years ago...in the cabin.
Before I knew ANYTHING about rabbits!
The foreman called her "Bun-Bun" right off the bat.
Where she spent her first night here - on the left.  The terrible cage on the right was what she was in when we rescued her (or, as the foreman likes to say, "bunny-napped" her.)
Soon the x-pen door was open...and the bun has been cage-free ever since!