Sunday, October 2, 2011

Luigi Gets his Check, Bon Voyage to Karina & Nick and Solo Keeps on Keeping on at the Lazy Vegan!

             Bring on October!! Bravo poses by the pumpkins!
   OMG...the check that was "in the mail" has arrived!  Luigi got his check from Google for the ads placed on his famous peeing-in-the-barn video.  Well, admittedly the check is made out to me...but it will be going toward his hay fund and I even plan on making a copy of it to frame and hang in the barn, where the money-making short video was filmed!  In case you've somehow missed the video, it is at the bottom of this posting.  Weegie only gets paid if someone clicks on one of the ads that appears at the end of the video.  I just get a kick out of the fact that the video is making any money at all!  And this check was generous enough ($118.00, folks...and forty cents!) to buy almost seven bales of hay.  Not too shabby for a donkey who, as our farrier likes to say, is essentially a "lawn ornament" (of course we know he's way more than that)!
 Yum.  Multi-grain hot cereal with agave nectar and soymilk for breakfast!
 I had to return some wrong size windows for the fixer at Lowe's...so on the way back I stopped at Target to check out their cheapo Halloween decorations (the boys and I are still working on our costumes).  I couldn't resist bringing home this fellow...I'm calling him "Bones" and for now he'll be hanging out in my closet until he's needed!  I put him in the front passenger seat and got a lot of stares.  He was an excellent driving companion. So quiet!
 Bones even wore a seat belt.  Can't wait to see the donkeys' reactions when they meet him!

 Enjoying the sunshine in the afternoon.
 Rain is on the way, and soon it will be mud bath time instead of dust baths!

Paco always likes to sniff my shoes.
WHOA!!  The entire kitchen at the fixer was ripped out by the foreman!  New kitchen cabinets were supposed to be delivered today, but the delivery person called to say that some of them were dented...so back to the warehouse they went.  Should arrive early this week.
And all new appliances were ordered, too!  Stainless steel!
Our construction crew poured the footings for the upcoming decks they're building and also rebuilt a shed.

The old tile and carpet smelled AWFUL.  So gross.  Tons of dirt under the carpet that had filtered through it over the years.  Carpet is pretty unsanitary when you think about it!
Some of our possible new flooring ideas, above.
Love pumpkin time!  This year I may even carve some.

I take Solo with me when I do chores around the house.  Here he sits on his heating pad while I iron.
He's really doing great - I still can't quite believe it!
My best friend from high school, Andree, was in town and we had coffee.  Check out how her nail polish matches the mug at the cafe!!

Karina saying bye on her last day before Costa Rica.

Luigi and his CHECK!

He almost ate it!
Even though Paco isn't earning any money, he is still a good sport.
The following photos are from my volunteer position at the humane society. The young man I mentor was allowed to take photos of me with the cats - but for confidential purposes I can't take photos of him.  Still, this gives you an idea of our routine - which last week included putting the farm animals in the barn for the night!
With Sparky the cat.

Snuggling and playing with the cats!

All the doors to the different cat rooms are locked.
Three lazy cats!
One of our favorites - "Sister".
And "Brother"!

Funny cat toy with a ball inside.

We have to wash our hands between cat rooms so we don't spread cat viruses.
This cutie only has three legs!
There are so many cats up for adoption.

With "Max", the party animal!
Holding Melrose.

One of the many cat paintings in the some of the rooms.

Cats with medical issues that have to be kept separate from the others.

In the volunteer room.
And in the snack room!

Many times in the snack room there will be a crate with puppies and we get to take them out and play with them.  SO CUTE.

The mobile pet adoption center.
Walking to the farm, which is behind the humane society.

Some of the pigs.
Barney the barn cat!
All of the animals are really great about going into their own stall when they come in for the night - usually.  Except this time there was a dog around that made them all veer from their typical path!

I LOVE the barn.
Here they come...one by one.  I had to help Raymond the cow (technically he's a boy cow- so a steer/bull!) get into the correct stall.  FUN.
Raymond is huge but for some reason I wasn't at all nervous around him.

Loved the llamas and the sheep!

Finally secured in his stall with his dinner!

Carmen the donkey, Windsong the miniature horse and Geronimo the horse!

In the cat section of the humane society's store!
Karina took my waterproof running jacket with her to Costa Rica...because it is the rainy season!
Playing for Solo.

Everyone hanging out!

Snap and the foreman!  We had dinner for a bon voyage for Karina and Nick - they'll be in Costa Rica for six weeks!

Dining on curry outdoors.

Snap documented my hay routine!

Dinner time!

Carrying up Solo and the rest of everything!

Claire came late after class.

Jam session!
Nick is awesome at his new violin - and Karina has become a very good singer & guitar player!

The foreman tries the fiddle.
They're going to have fun playing music on their trip!
Bravo gets attention from Snap!

Great fun...I hope they have a wonderful trip!
ANOTHER THRIFT STORE SCORE...a silver-plated tea set...just in time for our upcoming Mad Hatter tea party for Halloween!