Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wasabi's Close Call, Solo Walks Uphill and the Beautiful Crisp Sunny Days of October at the Lazy Vegan

Since my last blog posting, we had a big scare with little Ms. Wasabi when she suddenly stopped eating.  With rabbits, that means something is seriously amiss.  I had a bad feeling about it (especially when she didn't finish her big salad - which absolutely never happens.  She loves her greens!) and called the vet late in the afternoon.  Within a few hours she went downhill - her ears were super cold and she wasn't eating or pooping (no pooping is also a super serious sign of illness in a rabbit!).  The vet, a rabbit specialist, ended up coming to our house at 9 p.m. and stayed for over an hour.  He even contemplated taking her home with him so he could monitor her during the night  - this was after giving her meds for pain and gas and an IV (the kitchen was transformed into a little bunny hospital!).  Of course, I didn't want her to go and I assured him I would stay up all night with her!  Which is exactly what I did.  I set up a sleeping bag right next to her litter box in the kitchen and camped out.  I barely slept, but at one point I did fall asleep and woke up to bunny kisses on my face!  After tempting her with some cilantro, basil & parsley she finally started to nibble on some food.  WHEW.  When a rabbit stops eating and their digestive system starts to shut down, it can become fatal very quickly.  I was so happy that this had a happy ending!  We were sick with worry.  We love our Wasabi, a.k.a. "Beano" very much!
Stretched out and relaxed and feeling better!  We call this position the "Royal Highness".
The foreman brings the bun down to her kitchen playground!
Relaxing in the sun.

Every once in a while Toby gets the urge to sing opera.
More photos from my Humane Society volunteer job - the young man I work with is working on making  a poster with our photos.
A cat named Melrose.

Trying to snuggle together!
Ten cats were transferred to the SPCA in San Francisco, where hopefully they'll have a better chance of being adopted.
More relaxing!
Tense moments, waiting for the house call from the vet.  The foreman played Wasabi's favorite songs while she sat, motionless, in the litter box.
YIPPEE!!  By one a.m. the bun was eager to move around and eat a little!
It was a regular slumber(less) party!
I was so relieved to hear her eating.

Another "Royal Highness" pose, above.
Feeling perky again!
The "Semi-Super Hero" pose, above.  Note that her thumpers are not fully relaxed, which makes it the "semi" pose.
Chomping on some herbs while laying down!
Feeling good enough to hang with the pooches.
It is hard to tell, but she's standing in her begging position in the photo above!
What HEALTHY rabbit poops look like!  I realized after she was sick that her poops had become much smaller.  Now I know what to look for!
"Uh, does anyone have a light??"
The "Royal Highness" pose, above.

The well-cared for bun!
Staying hydrated!
Heading off to our previously scheduled annual exam with the rabbit specialist in Petaluma!
Strapped in for safety!
With the nice vet tech!
I got a tutorial on how to give a rabbit an IV - and my own bag of fluids and needles to take home!
The brand new sink at the fixer!
The kitchen is coming along.

View from the backyard.
A rose!
The front painted with the great board & batten effect!
Turks came to visit - haven't seen them in a long time!

They like to hang out near the donkeys.

I think the donkeys like their company!

Checking in with the bun.  We were really watching her every move this week!
Bravo wants attention, too!
Back to normal in the kitchen!
I was stunned to see Solo slowly make his way UPHILL up the path!  He hasn't gone on even a small incline in months.

I can't believe how great he is doing!

Bravo looks for donkey manure while Paco looks for leftover hay!
Weegie thinks about his YouTube fame.
The ridiculous weekly pose!
Paco decides he's had enough of Bravo.
Scratching an itch!
Toby patiently waits to be let in.

A visit from the foreman.
Posing with Paco!
Paco loves the smell of wine!

I love hanging out with the donks!

Completely recovered and back to relaxing in her upstairs penthouse!
The position above is a full-on "Super Hero"!  All she needs is a cape!
This is one extremely relaxed bunny!

Hanging out with her stuffed pals.
I'm looking forward to Wasabi living a long and healthy life!