Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving from the Lazy Vegan ...where the animals are served first, and aren't on the menu!  We had a wonderful time at Grandma Snap's house where she "veganized" all of the traditional side dishes and had a great field roast for the vegans!
It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that Solo's last days are really finally here...the vet will be coming to the house tomorrow or the next day to help him transition to the next part of his life. I'll have a special blog posting for him soon.  Right now I'm heading off to spend a quality day with him.  I love that old pup, but I know this has to be the right decision- he is a shadow of his former self and I'd rather see him go with some spunk left than with nothing at all.  We love you, Solo!
Drew shields himself from his photographer aunt!
Whoa- did Anthony get TALL or what???
Aaron relaxes.
With Uncle Jimmy!  My yellow tunic turned out to be quite the "pregnancy" outfit, as you'll see in the photos to come.
The cook!
Whipping up those potatoes.
Getting it all together!
We got to meet Claire's new boyfriend, at last!  We adore him!

One fake smile suits EVERY occasion.
Posing for photos!

How the cook prepares!
With Drew!
The dweeb (me) with my mom and sister!

Nice clear plates!

Yummy vegan field roast!

Oh, those happy eaters!

Hellos and goodbyes...
O.K.  - the "pregnancy" photos!  What the heck??? Somehow my "chic" yellow tunic just looks, well, maternal!
Hand on "baby".
This is now a tradition to take a photo in front of the colorful rabbit painting!
Next to Anth - I'm in heels and he's still towering over!
From Thanksgiving a few years ago- same spot!

Those cute Tomashefsky boys!

Dessert time!
Group shot!

Yum, yum!
My vegan pumpkin chocolate chip coconut bread!

The siblings!


"Old Snoopy" and Snap!
Saying goodbye in the parking lot.

I love Snap's new cat shirt!
Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All!