Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rain, Frost, Sunshine & Super Cute Lambs Frolicking at The Lazy Vegan!

Bravo contemplates his next move.
It was a busy week at the Lazy Vegan and the weather was busy, too...some sunshine, some rain and quite a lot of FROSTY mornings (especially cold at 4:30 a.m. when I feed the donkeys)!  We're all set for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday...as I type this, I'm making my first batch of vegan pumpkin chocolate chip bread...yum!  Earlier in the week I was totally excited to spot two new lambs on our lane.  They look very young and hang out close to their mama.  After admiring them for days (the cutest thing ever is watching them play!), my heart stood still when I thought that the sheep guy (I try to refrain from calling him the evil sheep guy, since he raises the sheep for food) had taken the babies for slaughter.  I strongly think that it should, at the very least, be against the law to kill baby animals!  Every creature should have the right to live their lives to adulthood.  But, anyway, I was wrong about the lambs - they weren't taken away and I plan on getting more photos of them as long as they're still around - which hopefully will be for a long time!
Toby's not that enthused with his corn-on-the-cob dog bone!
 I'm making a lot of cabbage salads lately.  I throw all kinds of veggies in along with garbanzo beans for protein!
 Rough life.
 Right by the t.v., too, in case he wants to catch up on some news.
 Cozy fire days!
 The living room ranging bunny!
 Wasabi has been going up to Toby a lot lately.  He actually gets a little nervous around her, which is pretty amusing.

 Very relaxed living room bunny!


 We could spend hours watching Wasabi hop along.  As a matter of fact, we do!

 The foreman sings Wasabi her special song:  "Another Day Has Come and Gone".

 REALLY cozy.
 The foreman heading off to the fixer project while I head off for a power walk in the rain!
 The almost finished kitchen!
 Brand new granite countertops!

 The foreman puts knobs on the cabinets.
The dweebs!
Roofing material - the fixer now has a brand new roof!

When I went to get hay one evening I was startled by this Flicker in the cabin - she or he had been trapped inside (it looked like he/she was checking out the globe to see where to fly to next!).
The view through my car window on my way to my dental cleaning appt.!  Couldn't resist taking it - love the hills.
That silly bunny and puppy duo.

A bit peeved about how late dinner is...
Since Luigi won't take carrots from my hand, I have to line them up on the bench!

My sweet boys.

The weekly pose!  This one especially cracks me up!

Silly Weegie making funny expressions.

Checking out the couch!
Everyone roaming around.

In the second level of the Cottontail Cottage!


Tail end of a binky!
My notes to the foreman when I was gone for most of the day at a real estate seminar.
The foreman about to break into song!
The new appliances arrive!

The babies!  Beautiful, wonderful lambs!

Getting some milk from Mama!

I'll have to try to get a video of them playing - so adorable!
The weekly pose, part two!

Solo managing to get around.

More play time.

Wasabi sticking out her tongue!

Waiting for dinner!
Another visit from one of my cousin's kids from back East - this time it was Ashley briefly coming by while being wined and dined by Grandma Snap!

Couch potatoes!
The bun relaxing in her upstairs penthouse!

Hopping over to check in with everyone.

The three stooges!!

This week marked the one year anniversary of the passing of our beautiful, beloved Boulder.  I still think of him a lot and sometimes dream about him.  He was a really special cat - and I see a LOT of cats at the Humane Society every week!  Boulder was one of a kind!