Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Turkeys Seek a Safe Haven at the Lazy Vegan!

Suddenly in the past week the turkeys are everywhere at the Lazy Vegan...no doubt seeking a safe place to hang out as Thanksgiving approaches!  There are two groups:  one is a small group of maybe all males, and the other is a large group with some very young turkeys.  If I get too close they'll start their clucking alarms, so I try to photograph them from a distance.  In other Lazy Vegan news, I looked out the window early one morning to see this young buck resting by our swing.  The foreman said he probably grew up sleeping there with his mama & family when he was a baby deer, and now goes back as a young adult (these type of stories is what I love about the foreman!).  He looked awfully cute sitting there!  
The young buck sleeping in the same spot where he no doubt slept in as a cute baby deer!
Note the antlers!
Sometimes when we come home after dark we'll see five or six deer sleeping in the same spot.
Have plunger...will travel!  Yes, I am holding a plunger while standing in downtown Forestville!  One of our toilets backed up and we then realized that our one and only plunger had been taken to the fixer project!  So when I met Snap for our weekly walk we bopped over to the fixer first to retrieve the plunger.  I think it makes a rather nifty accessory.  Maybe I'll get a brand new one and paint it pink!
We could take our Mother-Daughter plunger routine on the road!
Toby makes his rounds.  He is SOOOO deaf now that it is ridiculous.  I can call his name directly behind him and he won't flinch!
Some amazing skies this week!
Bravo in a pensive mood.
Solo...still getting around!
He is starting to struggle a bit again, though...I'm thinking this Christmas will be his last one.

"Please don't notice that I jumped up on the kitchen table and ate your dinner...please don't notice that I jumped up on the kitchen table and ate your dinner...please don't notice..."
Hopping back to the kitchen!
Musical playtime in the living room.
Paco lounges.

Brilliant sunshine and blue sky!

This is somewhat rare - a photo of me with Luigi!!
Paco always lets me pose with him, but Weegie will seldom tolerate it.
My attempt to hold him in one place!
Lots of hugs!

The foreman never gives up trying to ride one of the donkeys.
What's a bun to do?
Stand up!
And play with the pups!

Also play with lots of newspaper and boxes!

Sound asleep.
Turns out that Bones Rousseau plays the guitar!
He's enjoying staying in the cabin, which is where he'll be relaxing till next Halloween!

The intense donkey stare down!

I could never do this with Weegie - my donks are SO different from one another!

Salad time!
Oh, yummy dill!

Oh, yummy parsley!
The two black & whites of the family.
The family of turkeys come for a long visit!
Very young turkeys - I think these are the ones that were born around April.

Heading off to the back cabin area.

I love how these two match!

Double pets!

I saw my best friend Amy (I've known her since second grade!!) earlier in the week!
OMG - a new vegan product on the market - vegan ranch dressing!

I made vegan (of course) pizza with apple sage vegan sausages and faux cheese on a cornmeal crust and it was DELICIOUS.
Toby snuggled down.
Bravo's new trim body!
Solo making the downhill trek.
More fun with the donkeys!

Bravo loves to run for a thrown piece of carrot!

So adorable!

Love the donks!
Hard to imagine life with out my boys, actually.

That's it for another week!