Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcoming November at the Lazy Vegan

November is here!!  Which so far has included November 1st, which was (is) World Vegan Day!  It also was the fourth anniversary of our "veganhood"...so something worth celebrating!  I bought a yummy vegan candy bar to share with the foreman...but, alas, it was so good that I somehow ate the whole thing myself!  At least I confessed to the foreman...so he knows I had thought about sharing it!  In other Lazy Vegan news, the first new appliance has arrived at the fixer - a stove!  Now the foreman can heat up water in a kettle for his instant coffee - a big perk! Beats bringing coffee in a to-go cup!
New flooring in the kitchen at the fixer!

Fresh sheet rock at the fixer!
Bravo refuses to pose!
Getting cozy on the pile of pillows!
Colder weather means it is fire time again!  Love the warmth of the fireplace...but not the work bringing in the wood.
I just don't think they look comfortable ENOUGH.
Oh, my!  A bunny in the living room!
 The new kitchen stove at the fixer!
 The foreman tests it out.
 As I type this, the foreman is still over there, working away.
 I stopped in after my open house (hence my nicer clothing) to check up on the progress!

Halloween Day!  I wore a Halloween t-shirt - not much of a costume, but it worked fine.

Faithful blog readers may notice how slimmed down Bravo is these days!

Another farrier visit!  One in which I almost totally forgot about...it is a good thing I happened to look at my calendar at 4:30 a.m.!
Getting ready.
On a brisk morning.

It doesn't ever take that long, but the boys don't like it!

I love how they watch the other one when it is their turn!
Beautiful clouds lately!

The foreman and his SMILE.
We took a big risk and wore our good WHITE shirts out to see the donkeys!
Here's my awkward pose - an attempt to stay clean!

Bunny free-ranging!

Just hanging with the pups.  Another example, above, of how much weight Bravo has lost.  Those "special walks" have paid off!
Grasshopper hopped in for a visit.
So cute!

Bunny on the move!

I love it when she stands up!

"So, listen up, pups...this is our plan for the day..."

Music while she ranges.

Tail end of a binky!
Solo ranges, too!

The foreman enjoys the fireplace.
What a fun surprise...the son of one of my cousins and his fiancee came for a visit!

Special moment with Grandma Snap.
The foreman makes the LAST "garden fresh pasta" of the season!

The bun peers out into the night!