Sunday, December 18, 2011

All We Want for Christmas is a Healthy Donkey at the Lazy Vegan

 I love this Christmas card that Snap sent!
Another worrisome week at the Lazy Vegan with Paco still ill and no resolution yet - we still don't know what he has! We have hired a new vet/company and have an appointment first thing in the morning.  In the meantime, he went from improving right back to square one over the week - with trouble walking and swelling in his donkey "armpits" and chest area.  The second round of blood testing showed an even higher white blood cell count.  He's still on painkillers and antibiotics.  Clearly he has a major infection going on, and I am praying that the new vet will be able to figure it out!  We just want our old Paco back!  ALL I want for Christmas is a healthy donkey!  His spirits are pretty good, so that is a hopeful sign - and he's still eating, also very good news.  Giving him his meds is becoming more and more difficult, though.  I have to trick him into taking his pain pill, and have to now use a syringe to get the antibiotics down his mouth, which I hate having to do.  So please think good thoughts for Paco - this has been going on for weeks now and we are devoted to getting him better!
 In the mornings Toby loves to nap by the heater vent!
 Morning grooming time.

 Waiting for the vet to arrive.

 This was on Wednesday when he had really improved - all the swelling had gone down and he was walking normally - but all that changed the very next day!

 He was feeling so good, in fact, that he was doing his annoying thing of biting at his halter.

 The vet getting the needle in to take another blood sample.

 Yesterday the foreman spent hours cleaning out the corral area, and it really seemed to perk Paco up.  He loves spending time with his "papa" and he loves a project!

Luigi had fun bucking and running away every time the foreman came by with the wheelbarrow.

 Gotta get my boy back to his old self!!!!

Lots of hugs this week.
 A very cute bunny...
 Oh, stretch and YAWN!!
 Now those are some bunny chompers!
 Bringing the princess down in the morning.
 The velvet pillow pups.
 Ridiculous lounging time!

It cracks us up when she relaxes like this.
 Checking out Paco in the morning.

 Luigi has been pretty good about staying close to Paco, but he will also go off by himself and Paco can't catch up, which is heartbreaking!

 I've been telling Paco over and over again that he is a healthy boy and is going to live a long and healthy life!

 Mixing up the donkey antibiotic powder in pureed carrots.
 Waiting for treat time, which is also now medicine time!
 Solo's grave site now has a place to sit.
 An early Christmas time with Claire since she'll be away for the first time this year - going back East with her boyfriend!

Snuggling with Bravo.
 Everyone out and about in the kitchen, even the bun!

 Silly dog and bunny!

 We'll miss not seeing Claire on Christmas Day!

Please put Paco in your good thoughts and prayers!!!!!!