Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Memory of Solo - the Bravest Little Jack Russell Terrier to Ever Grace the Earth

Dearest Solo -
Never has there lived a braver little Jack Russell terrier!  Born to a litter of one (hence, "Solo") and rejected by your birth mother, you came into the world at the Double Tree Ranch and spent the first few weeks of your life in a basket alone on a front porch.  I will never forget the first time I ever saw you - you were a jumping, yapping blur of black and white.  We had no clue what it was like to  raise a Jack Russell terrier, but we were soon going to find out!  It turns out, though, that you were a very unique little fellow...not really that typical of the usual terrier personality.  You were faithful (followed me everywhere), playful in a stilted sort of way, neurotic (always would lick your front paws when you felt self-conscious!), contemplative, and never wagged your tail. Years later we would realize that the lack of tail wagging was most likely due to the neurological condition that made it so difficult for you to walk toward the end.  If there was a fork in the road and one way was the easiest path and the other the hardiest, you always picked the most difficult direction to travel - it was just your nature, and I grew to admire you for it.  If you wanted to play with a toy, you would choose the longest and most awkward one to pick up and stumble along with it until you took it to your destination.  You wandered on your special routes but never strayed too far from home, and would always give a concise bark upon your return at the front door.  You were a careful observer of the daily life - even at the end, when you would alert me to what trouble your younger canine brothers were getting in to.  Most importantly, Solo, you were YOU.  There will never be another little dog like you, and there is no doubt in my mind that you are lighting up the Heavens with your special spirit, and are running free.  I miss you terribly, but out of love I had to let you go! Someday we'll meet again, my little furry friend, my Solo Boy. We love you!

Fourteen years old when he passed.
The last few moments before the vet arrived.
Tearful goodbyes.

Just moments after passing...one moment of comic relief during the grief when Bravo hopped into the special basket we had prepared for Solo!
An angel!

So hard to say goodbye, and such a very difficult decision to make - one of the hardest things I've ever done.

The perfect book from Snap.

Camille came over with flowers and with Makenna.
The boys pay their respects.

The final full day, saying goodbye to the donkeys.

The last weekend.

The following are photos from Solo's life...just a sampling...I have many more!  It was good to be reminded of how he loved to run and dig when he was younger.  He was a wonderful dog!

The day before Solo's passing, both Bravo & Toby stayed by him on his bed - something they never did. I believe they knew the time was coming!!!

Helping with the remodel!
Solo LOVED to dig when he was younger!

 Solo loved to sing!