Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Birthday Celebration with a Critter Cam, an Heirloom Punch Bowl and a Surprise Sister Visit!!!

It was an awesome week before my birthday here at the Lazy Vegan!  Even though my birthday isn't till tomorrow, I've been having a lot of fun with early celebrating!  Snap had a great birthday dinner party for me with a surprise:  a visit from Patty!  It was classic, because she called to wish me an early happy birthday, and the whole time I was talking to her I had no idea that she was standing right behind me!!!!  It actually really freaked me out when I turned around!  We had a lot of fun with that surprise, and Snap took photos to prove it!  I got some wonderful gifts this year, including a critter cam from the foreman, which I have wanted for a long time - but the best gift of all was the family heirloom pottery punch bowl from 1968 - complete with matching mugs!  I have so many memories of that punch bowl from over the years and I promise to give it a great new home (thanks, Snap!!) - and to even use it now and then!  I love the fact that Snap traded her first weaving for it, too! I'm looking forward to a new year with a new age!

The first critter captured on the critter cam - this adorable fawn!
So cute!
OMG - what kind of creature is THIS?
Love this birthday card from my Aunt Bubba & Uncle Neil!
So, so, so, so cute.
Sooooooooooooo cute!
Everywhere you look, there is cuteness.

Wasabi checks out her shadow!
The foreman puts together my critter cam!
Can you believe that I had NO IDEA that my sister was right behind me?  I kept saying something dorky like:   this phone really has an echo!  over and over again...
Still no remote idea...
I'm just thinking she's back at her house!
Uh, HEEELLLOOOO!!  Finally got a clue!
So hysterical!

We thought it was the funniest thing.  EVER!

Our (blurred) pretend shocked expressions!
Patty & Karina with their coffee and their wine!
YUM!  Snap made my annual favorite sweet & sour cabbage!  And vegan lasagna!
Cake time!

Everyone anticipates the cake.

Gift time!

I got a fantastic seed sprouter from Karina & Claire - can't wait to try it out!  Now I'll be able to make my own sprouts!  I love how this year my gifts have a bit of an hippie era theme...the punch bowl from 1968, and my own seed sprouter...

Super colorful scarf from Snap that happens to match one I wore in the 1980's!

Great smelling candle from Snap!

One of the mugs to the punch bowl!
The amazing family heirloom (that I saved from being sold at Snap's garage sale years ago)!!!!!
I'm so excited - imagine the punch bowl possibilities!

Snap's cozy living room.
Chris with frog!
MORE gifts!

Karina's legs!
Watching a funny youtube dog video.
Earlier in the week, the donkeys were brave during a big storm.
Flood waters below!
The water wasn't actually as close as it appears!

Looks like our own private lake!
With Rio Bravo.

Now we're back to sunshine for a long while.


The foreman's reading material from the library.
Wasabi and Toby!
Landing from a binky!
Nap time!
Grooming time!
Hopping into the kitchen.
Evening relaxation.

Snuggle time with my bunny!
I love this gift from Aunt Bubba & Uncle Neil - totally hip necklace & earrings!

The morning after my birthday dinner party, Snap made a yummy breakfast!
Patty leaves.  THANK YOU FOR COMING, Pate!!

The heirloom punch bowl settles in!

I think it is beautiful!

And it fits - amazingly just - in our kitchen!

Me in the beginning.
And with Patty - aren't we cute?