Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - Welcoming 2012 with a Donkey on the Road to Recovery at the Lazy Vegan!

Paco feeling good enough to pick up the sweet grain pan "toy" again!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  It is so great to start a new year with a donkey finally on the mend!  After over a month of stressing about Paco's condition, he made a turn for the better after a vet visit a few days ago.  Our new vet cut into and drained a hard lump on Paco's upper leg and a whole bunch of nastiness (better to be general than detailed here!) came out and our donk improved almost immediately...the very next morning we were stunned to look out the kitchen window to see him running with Luigi - they looked like a pair of wild mustangs!  He still has a wound to keep cleaned and will continue on antibiotics - but everything else about him is really back to normal, and it is a joy to witness!  And a great way to begin 2012!!!
Haven't seen the donkeys play together in over a month!
Dragging the sweet grain pan - which is really the donkeys' toy - along as he walks.  This is the same donkey who has been hobbling for the past weeks!
Kisses from "Papa".

Back to his old tricks - chasing out the dogs!  The funny thing is that because Toby is deaf now, he can't hear when Paco is behind him!

Beautiful sunny days are helping in the recovery.

Weegie has been great during all of this - in fact, he's become much more affectionate!

A close up of where the vet cut into the lump to drain it.  Yuck!

So so so so so happy to have my boy back!

The first time we saw him lie down in over a month!!

Lindsey feeds Wasabi a carrot treat...we had a little birthday celebration for Paul & Claire at the same time that the vet paid a visit!
Waiting for the vet to arrive.

A little donkey surgery (he was heavily sedated first!) in the dark!

Grandma Snap and Karina (unfortunately my interior photos lately are almost all blurry).
Lindsey, Claire & Toby.
The birthday girl turns 23!
The birthday boy turns 27!

Bravo politely begging.

The bun and the pups watch as Lindsey gets more cake!
The birthday "kids" were good sports to share their little party with the vet visit!

Something to keep warm in while in NYC!
Not everyone has a rabbit "tent" and carpets strewn around in the living room!
Feeling happy already that we might have finally solved Paco's health issue!

More kisses!
Checking in with one another.

The pink stuff was to keep away potential flies - but within hours Paco had it smeared all over his lips, so I had to take it off.

Heading down to clean the wound.

Paco investigates.  He quickly figured out he didn't like this new routine at all!

The foreman sawed off all the little sticks coming out of this old log, as we suspect Paco might have injured himself on one of them which might have lead to the infection and everything that followed it...we'll never know for sure, but it seems likely.
Reflecting on his rough month!

Aaron at the beach house!

Deb and Jackie cooking.
Chowing down.
Heading off on a little "date" to the bookstore!

Enjoying the last few days of December in total sunshine!

Grandpa Tom with Wasabi!

The relatives visit the donks!  This was before Paco was better - but he was a good sport about socializing.

Sam on the swing.

Sam was the only brave one to actually get into the pasture with the donkeys!

Deb and Patty as seen from the balcony.
Dad with pups and bunny!
The dweebs at the beach house.
What a treat - we got to hear an impromptu concert put on by Nick, Aaron and Chris - and then later joined by the foreman & Sam!
Karina helping in the kitchen.
Nick on sax, Chris on bass.
Aaron on keyboard.
All natural musicians!

Yet another dinner.

Posing with cookies that my aunt Barbara sent to Snap - (are you reading this, Aunt Bubba???)
More cookie posing!

More music, with the addition of the foreman on harmonica!

Sam has an amazing voice and belted out Adele's "Someone Like You".

Drying out wings for a new year!

Wasabi discovers Toby's new ball - and likes it!