Sunday, January 8, 2012

Paco Recovers, Wasabi Has a Date and Sunny Days Stay for the First Week of the New Year!

It is still such a joy to look out and see Paco running and playing again!!  He is definitely on the road to a full recovery.  I just gave him his very last dose of antibiotics, and the vet said to keep an eye on him for the next few days (but he is confident that he will be fine).  We're having amazingly warm weather for the first week of January!  And to start off the new year, Wasabi went to the bunny playground and had a "date" with another English Spot mix, a male with the unfortunate name of "Buttercup".  Buttercup has had a very sad beginning to his life and really needs a home.  We told Wasabi that it is up to her...if she "falls in love" then we will consider adding Buttercup (however, the foreman has already changed his name to "Saki") to our household.  Then people will REALLY think we are nuts here at the Lazy Vegan!
Playing all the time now!
A photo of Paco's wound taken today - it is healing very nicely.
By golly, Paco felt good enough to dress up!
He likes to try on my hats.

Playing with the fence.

Silly boys!

Helping pick up around the corral!

Off and running again!

Paco watches the deer.

The foreman hard at work.
The progression of the wound - backwards - I should have put these photos in a different order!
Getting ready for a little Winter garden.
Spoiled bun eats her gourmet salad!
Paco took his first dust baths in over a month this week - he's loving every minute of feeling better!

Grooming in  her castle.
Heading over to say hi to her papa!

Really ridiculous trio.
Wasabi's wondering why in the world Toby's sticking his tongue out!

Super stretched out bunny!
Who says dogs and bunnies can't get along??

So happy to be posing with a HEALTHY donkey!
My reminder note to myself.  After I wrote it I realized some of my chores around here are a little different!
Snoring away!
Since Paco was sick I've been going down to the barn to check up on him during the evenings.  I have spent a lot of time with the boys at night now and they really have a routine down!  Including using the barn as a bathroom!

The view of the house from the barn.

Now that's a HAPPY chainsaw guy!
Wasabi at the bunny playground - here she hangs out with Murphy.
While Buttercup lounges nearby!  Note he looks quite a bit like Wasabi.
Buttercup (a.k.a. "Saki") relaxes.
Roger rolls over!
And then to the private visiting room for a "date"!  Saki on the left, Wasabi on the right!
It was actually a very successful date.  They were both very comfortable around one another.  But then, at the very end, a little scuffle broke out - we don't know who started it.  Rabbits are funny that way!

Wasabi was very curious!
It would be nice for her to have a playmate to hang out with and snuggle with.

Saki is actually a pound bigger than Wasabi, and his coloring is more brown and white.

Kind of cute!
They also both took time out to groom, which was hilarious.
Saki was rescued from a bad situation where he was destined to be somebody's meal, and he's been in animal shelters ever since - apparently at one shelter he was in a super small cage for a long time.  He deserves a good home, but we don't know yet if ours will work.  Wasabi may go for a second date next week!
That happy chainsaw guy at work again.
I ran across these old photos of the boys and couldn't resist posting them here.  SO TINY!!

Lounging with "mama"!

You can see that for the first few days the wound stayed open and drained more.

From the nasty wound to a photo of a beautiful salad!
Butternut squash for dinner!
Fun times in the living room.

The boys on a super sunny day.
I think Wasabi is happy being an only bun...but she COULD be even happier with a friend.  She gets to decide!
Morning time!
Kitchen beggers!

Reading by his boys.

Weegie's latest thing is "presenting" his butt to us for scratches!  He does it constantly and practically sits in your lap!
So far, 2012 has been great!!!  CHECK OUT THE TWO MINUTE VIDEO OF PLAYFUL DONKEYS, BELOW (Terrible camera work and ridiculous narrative, but still worth watching!)