Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Rainy Season Finally Begins at the Lazy Vegan!

After months of  sunny weather really meant for a different season, the rain has finally returned to the Lazy Vegan - and things are WET!  Wet and MUDDY!  I'm so thankful that Paco is completely healed from his ordeal - it would have been a total bummer to have him unwell while the weather is nasty.  I've been adding fresh & dry pine shavings to the donkeys' barn every day so they're staying pretty darn cozy despite the downpours!  The dogs are not happy about getting their paws wet and Wasabi is one lucky bunny to get to always stay indoors!
 Doing their "biz" as fast as they can before heading back inside to sit by the fire!

 Sunday evening easy dinner - vegan nachos ready to head into the oven!  That's vegan cheese, folks - check it out at www.daiyafoods.com
 The foreman came home with a bag of yummy lemons that a client gave him!
 Rain?  Who cares!
Busy doing her "super hero" pose.
The foreman takes his little bunny girl upstairs.

Staying dry and cozy!
The foreman returns from a trip to check on the rental septic.
Dweeb central!
Going to check on my donks!  I put out straw, too, so they don't slip and slide when they go from the dining shelter to the barn.
Posing in the rain!
Posing in the barn!
Poor Paco - he has to put up with this crazy photographer!

You can see a couple of inches of nice fluffy pine shavings!
On a sunny morning, the bun does her binky dances in the living room!
That's an airborne shot!!  The middle of a binky!
Visiting with the relatives at Snap's house on Martin Luther King Day.

Checking out family tree stuff.

Some OLD relatives!
Grandpa Tom holds the famous Kresge family tree book.
Deb with Bob the bobcat!
My foot v.s. Anthony's foot...size 7 v.s. size 14!!!

OMG - Anthony with his new car!

The boys were able to get some good dust baths in before the rains came.
I adore this trio.

I love how Wasabi goes right up to give the dogs a kiss!
A friend and her adorable son came to see the donkeys.

Paco's wound - completely healed!  I'm wondering if it will remain discolored after the donkey hair grows back.
Enjoying a break in the storms.
Goofy Luigi!
Window seat pups!
The last full day of sunshine for a while.

Happy hopping girl!
Picking up speed for another binky!
Karina came by for a visit!

Kisses from my bun bun!
Wasabi LOVES new boxes from Costco!

Water filling up below us.

Smart Toby soaks up the warmth!
Time to get some paws wet!