Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remembering Dan, Spotting a Bobcat in Bodega, Wasabi's Second Date & More at the Lazy Vegan

It was a busy week at the Lazy Vegan, starting off with a trip to the Humane Society to visit with Buttercup, also known as "Sake", the English Spot mix bunny who really needs a home.  This is the rabbit that Wasabi had a fairly successful first date with last week.  The foreman and I wanted some alone time with "Sake", and we spent almost an hour with him before Wasabi had her second date.  I wasn't able to ever get near him (since he was in a tiny cage for nearly two years, he has a habit of doing a lunge every time you approach him), but the foreman, bunny-whisperer that he is, was able to pet him by the end of the session and had him comfortable enough to even do a bunny roll-over, which was amazing!  Alas, it was not meant to be, however...on date number two, Wasabi wasted no time and attacked Sake!!  The date ended in a hurry with Wasabi being told by the bunny playground volunteers that she needed to brush up on her "rabbit social skills"!!  Wasabi wasn't having any of it and was eager to get home where she's Queen of All.  I will start taking her to the playground more often, though...she needs to know how to get along with her own kind!
    This week marked the eight year anniversary of my brother's passing.  Hard to believe it has been eight years.  It was great to have the extended family around for a little ceremony at his memorial picnic table, and then Snap treated me to an outing to go with her to see John Edward, the psychic medium.  Even though Dan didn't come through at that event, we were able to witness many other readings that were really touching and a good reminder that those who pass really ARE still with us!  We miss you, Dan - someday we'll all be in the same realm again!!
Dan before he moved to Maui.
Hop, hop, hop and hop some more...

The begging duo!
Poor Buttercup, a.k.a. Sake, waits for a new home.

He is a beautiful bunny!
I was very impressed with the foreman's bunny-whispering talents.

Hopping some more.

Wasabi's sticking her tongue out at the whole dating idea!

With my little Bravo.

Sunshine donkeys!
The morning routine!

Checking up on Paco's wound, which is healing perfectly.
Toby waits for the ball to be tossed.

Still SOOOOOOO happy that our Paco is doing fine!

That's the tail end of a binky caught on film!

At the beach house!

At Dan's memorial picnic table.
Scott opens the cider.

Group shot taken by a beach-goer.

The Tomashefsky boys!
Snap hands out a bit of Dan - via his ashes - to everyone.
Seagull prints!
In times of grief, and in ALL times, it is good to retain a sense of humor - here Snap has "repurposed" those little plastic bags that extra buttons come in when you buy a new shirt - the perfect size for distributing a bit of Dan's ashes to each family member!  Dan would have approved, and we should submit the idea to Real Simple magazine, which always has a page on how to reuse every day items!
A toast to Dan:  always with us, every day.

More group shots by another beach-goer!

My mom's co-worker, Judy, is so sweet to always remember this day with flowers for my mom.
Whoa - watch out for the tide!

Grandpa Tom and the boys.

The Tomashefsky crew, minus Aaron.
With my nephews!
The dweeb sisters!

It was an amazing day in honor of Dan!

Grandma Deb and Grandma Snap and a chatty little boy.

Scott with his boys.
Snap used little bags with the name "Van Heusen", just like the brand of her shirt, to hold a bit of ashes.  Somehow I think Dan would have found all of this extremely humorous!
With Dad!

The grandmas chat away.
Drew and Grandpa Tom.

On the beach house patio.
We saw this amazing BOBCAT from the patio!  Deb had already spotted it on other days around the same time.  He was beautiful!

BIG bobcat and pretty darn relaxed making his daytime rounds!

Claire, Karina & Nick go for a before-dinner stroll.

Dad with "Luco" the donkey and "Harvey" the rabbit.
OMG!  Birthday month has officially begun with a gift from Snap!

And, OMG!!!  It was SNOWY, the dog from Tintin!!
LOVE Snowy the dog!  He's my favorite Tintin character!

Snap mends Old Snoopy.

So cute!

Claire holds Snowy.
Snowy and the cooks.
Love this stuffed dog!
Nick and Drew.

The adorable couple!

Could not resist these Snowy shots!

Claire the dessert girl!

And an early birthday cookie!!  Thanks, Snap!

At the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts - Old Snoopy poses with Snoopy!
We took Patty's Old Snoopy along to see John Edward in the hope it would help Dan to "come through".

Snoopy in front of the sign.

A nice lady snapped our photo and we took hers.

Old Snoopy made himself cozy in the auditorium.

It didn't matter that we didn't get a reading about Dan...it was still great to hear the readings for a lot of other people!