Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun in the Sun & Rain, Enjoying a New Set of Pots & Pans and Daily Excitement with the Critter Cam at the Lazy Vegan!

We had both sunshine and rain this week and the donkeys took advantage of the clear days to run and play and slide a bit in the mud!  A lot of new green grass is coming up, which makes them very happy donkeys.  The foreman and I have been having a lot of fun setting up the critter cam in different locations each day, and then I retrieve it early in the morning to see what critter has been captured on film - such excitement!  No foxes this week, but plenty of deer and jack rabbits.  I did notice on the night that it rained, no critters showed up.  Darn!  I was really looking forward to seeing a little raccoon trot up the trail carrying his umbrella!
One of my favorite snacks...peanut butter on sprouted wheat bread!  One of Bravo's favorite, too - when he can sneak a bite!
Blue skies ahead!
My silly Toby-Coyote, my nickname for the scruffy little guy.
Delicious Cara Cara oranges!
Nap time with Buddy & Baby!
They say that you can start to look like the animals you live with after a while...and I think Paco and I have a lot of the same expresssions!
Mud, below.  Lots of it.
Jack Rabbit Hops Uphill!

Bravo loves to hang out in the muddy corral.
Big beautiful clouds.
Beautiful bun!
Deer make their way down the driveway.  We tried the critter cam near the driveway but it didn't really get anything.
Dinner one night:   onions with tofu in peanut sauce topped with grated cabbage, carrots and bell peppers over brown rice...yum!
Politely waiting for dinner time!
Wasabi always tries to get the pups to play!
Charging around getting ready for a binky or two.
Extremely relaxed in the kitchen!
Jack Rabbit Takes Notice!

Spending quality time with the donks.

I love what is written on the back of this box of chai!

The foreman put these beautiful pieces of tile on the deck - the tile came from one of the cabins on our property.
Really silly bunny.

Karina's been maintaining our compost bin - here she spreads it around before adding more to it.
Saying hello to her donkey brothers!

Karina is a whiz at darts!

I roasted these beets and they were SO good!
OMG, so exciting:  we used our Visa award points to "purchase" this fantastic set of Circulon pans!

They're a chocolate brown color and go great with the rest of the kitchen.

And best of all, food cannot stick to them - so clean up is super easy!!

I tested how easy it would be to clean by making some meals that are very messy, such as oatmeal.

The evening routine.

I had to sneak Wasabi's "baby" away from her because she desperately needed a bath!  Wasabi spends tons of time "grooming" both "Baby" and "Buddy" each day.  Buddy will get a bath next!
Deer Dashes Uphill!

Super playful donkeys this week!
Don't we look ALIKE?!

Weegie's silly grin!

Bun in box.
Claire & Chris and Karina came over for a visit.

Snuggling Toby!
Chris plays the foreman's guitar!

Snuggling Bravo!

I handed over the rest of dessert to Claire, so I wouldn't eat it all myself!
My clean-up crew!
I love how Wasabi is so helpful in the kitchen...here she supervises me putting away dirty dishes in the dishwasher!