Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Official: We Have a Couch Bunny at the Lazy Vegan! And Cows on the Loose! More Critters Inspect the Critter Cam and Other Fascinating Stuff at the Lazy Vegan!

 Sometimes Wasabi likes to eat her hay while half-way in her Ton-of-Fun-Bun-Run tunnel!
Well, it IS official:  we have a Couch Bunny here at the Lazy Vegan!  Thanks to the foreman, who spent many an evening coaxing Wasabi to hop up onto the living room couch.  She's been hopping up on the couch upstairs for years, which might be a bit lower - but was hesitant to try the furniture downstairs.  All of that has changed now - she hops up and down with ease!  Which is both cute and makes us a bit nervous...all it would take is one bite with those little chompers of hers to create a nice big hole!  In other Lazy Vegan news, Paco decided to put on quite the dramatic performance just in time for the Oscars...when a neighbor's cows got loose he was just beside himself, snorting & running and generally acting ridiculously alarmed (all while Luigi calmly but curiously eyed the cattle running amuck).  He was so stressed out that he even had a few bouts of diarrhea, just like when the vet comes for a visit!  It was all a bit comical and eventually the cows found their way home.  The donkeys went back to grazing, although every time I looked out the window I could see that Paco was still checking things out!

 This turkey decided he liked the view better from the roof of the truck cab.
 Until he spotted me - then it was time to fly!
 I love how these two young deer take their midday naps on our property!
 Begging canine and begging bun at breakfast time, and a raccoon print, below!
Another Fox on Critter Cam!

Very playful donks this week!

Banana treat time!
So much fun to hop on the couch by herself!  Here she explores the couch early one morning.
 Cows on the loose!  Well, just one cow pictured here, above...but I counted six cows that had broken free of their usual pasture and were roaming around!
 Paco was absolutely in a tizzy about the loose cows - running and snorting and completely transfixed on keeping his donkey eyes on them.  He was upset!   On the other hand, Luigi was very interested but remained calm and curious.  It was too funny to watch.

I think Weegie was trying to reassure Paco, but he wasn't having it!

OMG, Costco now sells these crackers - which are an acquired taste, but very good!  And healthy!

Lunch time loungers.

Salad time!

More play time!

Still so great to see Paco running after a month of not being able to do so.

Lots more photos of the "Couch Bunny" - since it is a rather novel thing (downstairs), we had to snap a lot of photos!

Exploring the deck, too!

I love this photo of Toby!
The animals help clean house.

Fascinated with the couch!

Demanding attention from "papa"!

Oh, that face!

Young Deer Checks Out the Critter Cam!

The donkeys went for a President's Day walk down to see Barney and to meet his new member of the family - a Morgan pony (looks like a horse) named Gigi!

The foreman has excellent dual donkey control.
Saying hello!
That's the pony (huge!), Gigi, and the brown horse - I always forget her name.  Barney is in the background and can't be seen.

There's a bit of Barney!  (White donkey).

Heading back home!

The long walk uphill!

A little reluctant to head back in!

Two Turkey Videos ~ Curious Turkey Part One & Curious Turkey Part Two!
And Part Two:

That's it for this week, folks!