Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Happy Birthdays, Fun with the Dart Board & New Critter Cam Videos at the Lazy Vegan

 HAPPY BIRTHDAYS continue at the Lazy Vegan!  Happy birthday today to both Grandpa Tom and to Luigi! Here's to a great year ahead to both the human and the equine!  It is a beautiful sunny day today and with the Superbowl on it should be a great birthday for all (although Luigi doesn't have a t.v. in the barn)!  We had a super fun week with the new critter cam, trying out new spots to put the camera.  I've added a few of the best videos of the week throughout this posting.  So far we've spotted plenty of deer, raccoon, jack rabbits and even a fox!  I'm just waiting for them to all get together and put on a musical performance for us!  In other exciting news, the foreman put a dart board up outside on the deck and we are now officially into playing darts (and my arm is sore to prove it!).  I beat the foreman on my birthday, but ever since then my game has been a bit off...it is harder than it looks!
 Happy Birthday time!  Luigi is now FIVE!

 Sweet grain treat!

 I would have given Luigi a vegan cupcake, but the store was out of them...he seemed pretty happy with the sweet grain and extra attention, though!

Sweet Luigi.

 He was a little tentative around the birthday balloon!
 Luigi just a little over a week old!!!
 The two birthday boys about five years ago!
And Grandpa Tom years ago!

 Sitting in the sun on the deck writing out Valentine's cards with my Rio Bravo!
 Bravo rarely hangs out with the donkeys like this.
 As I was heading out to check on the critter cam, this little fellow spotted me!
 Finding a new critter cam spot for the night!

 Playing darts on the deck!

Raccoon Duo Heading Down the Driveway!

More dart playing...

Wasabi gives her papa some kisses.

And her mama!
On my actual birthday, with bunny in litter box behind me!

Salad time!
Wasabi got an early Valentine's Day card from some of her bunny playground pals!
Really Odd Wildlife Spotted Toward End of This Video!

Lounging time in the evening.

Wasabi enjoys the living room couch!

The famous "roll-over" - a sign of a very happy bunny!
Hee, hee...love this pose!  So dramatic!

Fawn Sniffing Near the Critter Cam!

Sunshine time!
So great to see the donkeys both laying down, especially after Paco couldn't for a month.

Sprouts starting to grown in my sprouter!

Fox Trots Down Trail and Leaves His Scent!

Toby is wondering what all the interest in the critter cam is about.
Sprouts are ready!

Binky time!!

Exploration time!

More binkies! And another hilarious rollover!
Big Buck and Little Fawn!