Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paco Turns Five on Valentine's Day, Up All Night with a Sick Bunny & the Foreman Gets a Camera at the Lazy Vegan!

It was an eventful week here at the Lazy Vegan!  Paco turned five on Valentine's Day, and later that evening Wasabi became very ill with a bout of rabbit gas (that the faithful blog reader knows can turn deadly in a lagomorph quickly if not treated immediately).  No doubt the bun was a bit annoyed that most of the attention was on the birthday donkey earlier in the day!  Thankfully, after a phone consultation with our rabbit specialist vet we took the necessary steps we had to take to get the bun healthy again, which included giving her sub Q fluids for the first time.  YIKES!  That was a bit of a fiasco, with water going everywhere except into the rabbit.  I camped out with Miz Wasabi all night in the kitchen and in the middle of the night she started to eat again, so all was well.  In fact, she thought it was one big slumber party!
Sunny days for lounging!

A donkey makes a great back rest!

Appearing at the front door:  the foreman and the donks!

Time for a special walk!
Hiking up the hillside.

Way up!

Trotting back down.  These photos were taken with the new camera, which we are calling the foreman's camera - another reward from our Visa points!!

Paco's very alert!

Lots of fresh grass to snack on!

Frisky boys!
Nothing that exciting on the critter cam this week - I think the animals are on to it!
Two Jack Rabbits!

Yes, it is true- if you turn your back on a dinner plate or a bowl of popcorn, Bravo will seize the opportunity time!
I was so excited to find this at Whole Foods!

Queen Bun.
Bravo makes himself a cozy bed in the basket of towels in the bathroom.
The foreman tries out his new camera - a lot!  Here he snapped this photo of me driving on our way to a barn sale, where we knew they were selling panel fencing like our donkey fencing.  At the sale, there were two adorable miniature donkeys available to go to a good home for free!  I wish we had more land...
Bun on couch!

All of the bunny's toys and blankets spread out for time to range!

Showing off my new owl necklace from my friend Andree!
OMG, and my new designer (Verace!) sunglasses - also from our VISA reward points!  The foreman got some, too...now we've "spent" all of our points!
And hat from Andree...cut off a bit in this photo!  She said she saw the hat in a store window and that it "screamed Diana" (so right)!
 What I gave the foreman for Valentine's Day, above...I could not resist the label!
 Dinner one night - cucumber salad with sesame dressing & beans, rice & tortillas!

 The bun issues her orders for the day.
 The foreman came home with roses AND earrings for Valentine's Day!  SCORE!

Two Short Binky Time Videos!

In our new glasses (the foreman got Ray Bans) - we're all set for the sun!

Of course we had to POSE.

BIRTHDAY TIME!  Paco turns five!

With my big boy, above...and my tiny boy, below!!  How he has changed!

Weegie was a good sport to let Paco have the limelight for the day.

Paco, two days old!
And about three months old, at the Honkey Donkey farm!

The boys were SO small!
 Vegan pizza I made (with vegan pizza dough from Trader Joe's!) ready to go into the oven!
The foreman proudly displays his new camera!
BUNNY DRAMA - I had to snap this photo of us setting up the Sub Q fluids/ IV....yikes!!  Poor bun was freezing cold and just sitting in her litter box.  It was pretty stressful!!!
Snapped this photo around 2:00 a.m. when she was back to hopping around and eating!

Party time!

All back to normal the very next day!
The foreman doing some house maintenance.
Bringing bun down for the day.

Highly unusual sight - a hot air balloon passed right by our property!

The foreman gets credit for the above photo with bird.
Had a wonderful time at the volunteer appreciation brunch at the Humane Society, where there were tons of delicious vegan goodies!!
All the tables were set up right in the main lobby, with some cats and dogs on the sides!

Holding my Humane Society wineglass and, although you can't see it, a yummy vegan cupcake!