Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings Time Means it is Even Darker Feeding the Donkeys in the Morning!! Plus a Fun Tree Trimming Day and More!

The Raccoon Stare Down!

Daylight Savings Time always takes some adjusting to here at the Lazy Vegan, where most of the crew gets up at the crack of dawn...it is now even darker when I go out to feed the donkeys, and I have to wait even longer before it is light enough to safely go out and exercise.  But the flip side of that is we'll get more light in the evening - which means starting tonight I get to stretch out the usual dinner feeding time for the donkeys, and I fully expect to hear about that!  We had a fun tree-trimming little gathering at Grandma Snap's house this weekend with the Tomashefskys - at least part of them - coming for a visit!  Had a great time but then came home to find that the bun wasn't doing well.  Miz Wasabi had cold ears (NOT a good sign, ever) and refused to eat her dinner.  I jumped right into the rabbit first kit and administered gas drops and pain meds by myself, since the foreman was at the office.  It worked, and an hour later she was hopping around again and eating.  WHEW!  I think she ingested a piece of her "ranging" carpet, because I saw it when it came out the other end (will spare the blog reader specifics).  Still, I'll be checking in with the rabbit specialist vet tomorrow morning to see what could possibly be causing the bun problems lately!
Anthony with my childhood stuffed animal, Snappy!
This is becoming a tradition - I must take a photo of my shoe with Anthony's HUGE shoe!

Grandma Snap saved a bunch of glass jars for Karina, which made her very happy!
Patty & Karina.
Showing off our hats!  And my braids, which reminds me so much of being a little kid again...
Looking through old photos I realized I wore braids all the time back in the day!
With Scott and the stuffed animals!
Snappy shows signs of being very well-loved.

Anth relaxing.
Snap's awesome dessert display, including Oreos, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the cookie!
Getting ready to trim some trees!  I documented the event.
More posing by daughter and mother.
The tree trimmers!

Watching from the doorstep!
Somewhere we have a great photo of Patty when she was a wee girl sitting on a step like this wearing a similar sweatshirt - I need to find that photo and post it on the blog!

Steady, Scott!

Anth the ladder holder.
Soaking up some sun!
Work, work, work.
Laugh, laugh, laugh!

St. Francis supervises.
Sisters, again - and one in braids.  I love how my hair ties almost always did NOT match.

It was really nice to have some sunshine - lots of rain in store ahead.
What?  Scott discovers a LEG!
This frog provided the musical entertainment.
Anth takes the branches to the composting bin.
Buddha supervises!
Old Snoopy and Old Snappy!
Part of the group.  We missed seeing Drew and Aaron this visit!
Karina and Nick on one of Snap's coffee mugs.
Anth figures out something on Snap's phone.
Raccoon Goes After Critter Cam!
OMG, too funny - I knew that something has been moving the camera, and this proves it!
Bun and pup together.
Yummy vegan tacos.
Everyone busy and milling about!
Grooming Buddy!
We're posing in front of the house to show off the new position of our window boxes, which the foreman moved up to the balcony!

The other drama of the week is that Paco has a cracked hoof.  After describing it in detail to the farrier, we decided it could wait till he can come out a week from now to look at it.  Paco seems fine and the crack is a horizontal one, which I guess is better than being vertical.  ALWAYS SOMETHING around here!

I don't know who looks funnier - the donkey or the person!

The Donkeys Running! 
(Video by foreman, which is why you don't hear any dorky narrative by me!!)

I call this the "Mower Man Ritual Dance".  Like some Native Americans dancing for rain, the foreman is dancing to the repair gods out there for help in getting the mower up and running again!

Where to go next?

Aerial shot of lounging bun and pups!
The donkeys got a visit from FOURTEEN turkeys this week!

Out they fly.
Deck bun!

And MORE lounging!

Begging at the table!

Our tenant moved out at the rental, so we're taking a few weeks to finish off some projects on it.  The foreman painted the front door a beautiful orange-red and is putting up window boxes!
I love the color of peas!
Chewing Deer!