Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day, New Area Rugs for the Bunny to Binky on and More at the Lazy Vegan

It was a Happy St. Patrick' Day at the Lazy Vegan!  We actually posed for our annual St. Patrick's Day photos a few weeks ago, taking advantage of a sunny day.  Luigi isn't into dressing up AT ALL lately - in fact, he likes to now give the camera his butt when it is a holiday!  That's sort of his latest thing, though - he "offers" up his butt for some good scratches!  But as usual, Paco was willing to don a hat and play his part.  So did the dogs.  The bun declined this year, so I just used photo shop to put a little Irish hat on her!
I got these great hats in the dollar department one year at Target!


Paco being a good sport!

Luigi moving into position!
Good job, Weegie!

Paco liked his hat so much he started to head off to the pasture while wearing it.

Little Irish Rio Bravo.
The Irish Canines!

Irish Bun!
And me on the actual holiday, dressed in green!
At Grandma Snap's house in her cozy living room!
St. Patrick's Day snacks!

An Irish foreman!
Bravo looked great in the hat!
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY On St. Patrick's Day TO AARON, a.k.a. "MUFFIN HEAD"!!!!
Busy Jack Rabbit!

The foreman and I have been getting tired of all the blankets strewn all over the house for the bun, plus we know she's been nibbling on them, which is not good news (for her health)!  So we did some research and I got some good carpet ideas and advice for the great woman who runs the bunny playground at the Humane Society, and off we went carpet hunting...
So these will be the last blanket-strewn photos for a while!
Big storm this week, and the donks weathered it well.
Both of them refused to come out in the rain or put their harnesses on when the farrier came, though.  They acted like very spoiled donkeys!  We had to pay the farrier for nothing and rescheduled for next week.
Bravo cannot resist a pile of clothes straight from the warm dryer!

Stretched out bunny!
Toby wasn't feeling well this week.  He has an appointment to see the vet next week.

Just hanging out!

At the rental property - the foreman has been doing a lot of work there before we'll rent it out again.
I love how the kitchen came out!
That's new baseboard on the walls - tarp to protect the carpet, of course!
Painting away!
I came to clean the appliances.  Fun.

Deck bun!
Learning how to walk over the doorway without a carpet!
One of those hysterical & dramatic roll-overs!
Quality time upstairs.

Group of Young Deer!
The adorable begging bun!

Paco had a cracked hoof with a flap hanging out, which is why we had called the farrier.  But then the flap fell off, and as far as I can see the hoof looks o.k.  Still want the farrier to come out and check and trim the boys' hooves, anyhow.
Area carpet shopping!
Searching for something that the bun won't chew - a low-pile (no pile) commercial carpet...

The foreman calls Home Depot "his store"!
Heading home with three area rugs - nothing but the finest for the royal highness bunny!
Storm cloud on the drive home.
Showing off my green bunny socks that I wore for St. Patrick's Day!
The bun watches in the background as the foreman gets the carpet settled into the kitchen.
What a difference!  And Wasabi loves to do her binkies on the new carpets!
We still have to throw one or two little carpets down to make the transition for her from the living room to the kitchen, but it is a big improvement.
Whenever there's a change in the household, Wasabi will go "check in" with Buddy & Baby!

I would have taken videos of her going crazy in the living room, but the batteries were charging for that camera.

Fun, fun, fun!

Yet Another Raccoon Moves the Camera!

It was great to get some sunshine after a stormy week.  You can barely see the donkeys soaking up some sun.
Relaxing on the new carpet!

As I was airing out one of the carpets out on the deck, one of the charming canines PEED on a corner.  I immediately treated it with Nature's Miracle, but boy was I a Mad Mama!!!
Chatting with Buddy!

Sleepy bun!
Raccoon Heading Somewhere!
That's it till next time!