Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Month of March Brings Warm Weather, Walking the Donkeys, & Miz Wasabi gets her Nails Done at the Lazy Vegan!

 We're enjoying amazingly warm weather for the first few days of March at the Lazy Vegan!  Perfect weather for taking the donkeys for a walk and for letting Wasabi "free range" out on the deck.  Even more birds seem to be out than usual, and the foreman started in on all of his landscaping duties.  Caught a few critters on the critter cam, including a third fox sighting (LOVE the foxes)!  The novelty of the critter cam has definitely still not worn off, although some animal sightings bring more excitement than others.  It is still great fun to pick new locations and then retrieve the camera early the next morning! Eventually I'd like to have at least two critter cams, so I can monitor different parts of the property by day and night!

 Toby relaxes with his bone.
 Wasabi relaxes, too!

The pups will always find a comfy place to sit, even if it is on top of the chair cushions!

 Donkey walking time!
 The foreman started up on the hillside with the boys, but Paco balked when a small herd of deer went by.
 Heading down the lane to visit Barney and the horses!

 Saying hi!

 I love Luigi's interaction with Barney the big donkey.

 So cute!
 Saying goodbye!

A stop for a snack in the usual spot.
 Music time!

 Deciding where to hop to next!

 Fun on the deck.
A Fox Goes By!

Morning time.
Wasabi is loving hopping up and down on the couch!

Taking a time out.
I don't usually have paper bags around, since I take my own bags to the grocery store...but whenever I do get one, I  give it to Wasabi - she goes crazy around a paper bag!

I call this the "paper bag series"...

Showing off hoof and boot!

Totally fun evening time!
The bun in her sleep mode.
One paw out!
Interested in the camera!

Lounging with her papa one evening.

The Paper Bag & Bunny Video - a bit long, but worth it!

Doesn't everyone's kitchen look like THIS?

Bravo listening to me tell the foreman all about the dog training I'm learning at the Humane Society!
The bun all set to go to the vet at the Humane Society to get her nails "done"!
After her nail appointment, we stopped by the office to say hi to the foreman.
Karina came by just in time to give Wasabi her banana treat!

The donks and a turkey.

Giving the foreman kisses!
Don't all hallways look like THIS??
Donkeys at attention (photo by foreman).
More deck time!

All waiting for carrot treats!
Still waiting...

Some of them a little more impatient than others!!

The boys coming over to see me.
The garden is bringing out the birds!

More lounging time in her "renovated" castle!

That's the Toby dinner stare!
Begging bun!
Pensive Weegie.
The weekly goofy pose.

Showing our teeth!
Two BIG raccoons!

A Turkey Doing His Thing!
Also, watch the fantastic pig-sitting video, below!