Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainy Days Give Donkeys Cabin (Barn) Fever, Toby is Officially an Old Dog, the Farrier Comes for Another Visit and Other Riveting News at the Lazy Vegan!

Miz Wasabi hopping along!
 Wow, another week has come and gone!  It was a bit of a stormy week and we need the rain, but the poor donkeys really get cabin fever when they stand around in the barn all day long!  Thankfully it was sunny the day the farrier came, and this time he was actually able to give the boys a trim!  Paco's hoof is fine and Luigi was the handful this visit.  First he made it almost impossible for the foreman to harness him up (lots of kicking and bucking - I should have taken a video!!), and then he acted out for the farrier, too (see video later on in this posting!).   Toby Coyote (my nickname for the little guy) went to the vet this week and our suspicions were confirmed:  he is very hard of hearing and has some other old dog issues, including most likely arthritis in his hips.  So I've started him on an herbal remedy that we'll try for a couple of months to see if it helps with his stiffness.  I guess I was just kind of in denial about my ball-loving terrier - he IS getting up there in the years!
Loving the new area rug!  An update on the area rugs:  within two days I realized that the darker one we had bought for the living room was going to show every speck of dirt and animal fur possible, and I was right - so I vacuumed it up and the foreman took it back to Home Depot and returned with a lighter one, seen above.  MUCH better!  Although within days Toby left his mark (thankfully I was able to clean it in time)...it is just impossible to keep a perfect carpet with animals!
This is the upset-that-her-salad-is-late look!
The donkeys groom one another, something they've done since they were tiny!

The weekly pose!
Bravo searches for hoof trimmings from the farrier visit...yummy to chew on!
The wet landscape.
Jack Rabbit Heading Home!
Not much on the critter cam this week - too rainy most evenings.
Oh, yummy - dandelion greens!
Down the hatch they go!

Post dinner relaxation time.
My rainy day gear - heading off to clean the barn!
Really into oatmeal for breakfast lately!
The famous "Super Hero" pose!

On the second floor of her cottontail cottage.
The begging trio!

Rainy day snack time in the barn.

Snuggling with the bun!

"Who, ME?"
I love the many expressions Wasabi makes!

Thoroughly enjoying the new area rug in the kitchen.
Super Hero Wasabi!

Saying hello to Toby!

It just doesn't get much more exciting than this:  our weekly visit to the library!  We've been using the library that is really close to our home while our usual library is being renovated...and I think this will be a permanent switch!
The foreman returns his books.
Picking out new books!

We are such dweebs!

Wasabi is fascinated with the rooster door stop.
The foreman plays guitar on the landing.

What fun hopping around in the living room in the evenings!
Sampling some water from the dogs' bowl.
Looking for some pets from "Papa"!

I just love seeing the bun in the kitchen every day!
Lots of Wasabi photos this week...who could resist such cuteness?

The male turkeys are really strutting their stuff these days to try to impress the females!

Toby relaxes with two heating pads to keep him comfortable.
Bravo naps in style, too!
More of the Toby & Wasabi duo.

Silly Toby!
The donks go for a short walk before the farrier arrives.

The foreman practices his smile while the farrier works.

Paco was fairly well-behaved this visit - Luigi was the one who was a handful!

Luigi Acting Out!

Wasabi in the Morning!

All for now!
Resting (not really) on the driveway!