Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Sunday Skunk Sighting, Toby Goes to the Vet & Organizing Closets at the Lazy Vegan!

Another week has come and gone!  And another skunk was spotted near the same spot around the same time as last week...and this time I was determined to take a photo!  Unfortunately, it came out blurred...but you can still see that it was a skunk standing just fifteen feet or so away from me!  The skunk actually cocked his/her head at the sound the camera made when I turned it on.  I also saw him/her on my return trip.  All of this was around 6 a.m. - which I guess is the time the skunk is out and about!  The critter cam also captured a skunk this week...perhaps the same one?  In other news, Toby went to the vet and was put under to have his teeth done, and that all went well...except that for the following days he seemed confused by time and woke up way too early!  And then, because he doesn't like to be left out of the loop, Bravo decided to come down with some weird full-blown illness on Friday...throwing up, refusing to eat and just laying around being very un-Bravo-like.  I was all set to take him to the emergency vet when he started to improve, and by the next morning he was back to his usual obnoxious self!  NEVER a dull moment around here!  Lastly, the excitement of the week was making several trips to the thrift store to unload all the extra things we've acquired over the past year.  My new motto is use it or lose it!  Am so tired of hanging on to things that I might need when there is no doubt someone out there who WILL need it...less is more, and so on!
Skunk on Critter Cam!

The foreman took the above photo of the colorful landscaping.
Miz Wasabi hopping about while Bravo chews on one of her toys!

The fearless bun...hanging out with Toby while he chews on a bone!
Oh, hop, hop, hop!
What's next?

More hopping!
This year we let the poppies take over the bedroom terrace...and they love it!
The weekly pose...I love how huge Paco's snout looks!

I wish Weegie would "pose" with me...but he would rather stand to the side!
Toby is so deaf now ...and I suspect also somewhat blind...that he will just come and stand on the front terrace when he's ready to come in and doesn't even notice me if I'm in the yard, below.  Sad!

Lavender is really taking off, too.
Where Toby's I.V. was put!
Raccoon Messing with the Camera!

Nap time with Buddy & Baby.
Relaxing evening.
At the vet, when the procedure was all done!
A very groggy Toby in his car seat, heading home.
Big Ears!
And More Big Ears!

I love these free-ranging chickens...they were part of a huge rescue (over 20,000 hens) from a factory farm in California.  Our local humane society got about one hundred of them, and one of my neighbors adopted ten of them.  They are the most bedraggled chickens I've ever seen (that's what battery cages will do to poor   hens!!) - most have huge bald spots and very little tail feathers.  But now they are happy to be free!  They go in a large coop at night, of course...and there's some risk to how brazen they are about ranging...but so much better than being crammed together in a tiny cage for their entire lives!

The turkeys are all over the place lately, fanning their feathers!
 Just another lazy morning!

 I made pesto from all the arugula we're growing right now...vegan, of course...it was a super yummy recipe with walnuts & arugula & garlic and a few other things!
 The foreman enjoys some pesto on toast.
 Good smells!

Deer reaching for the oak leaves.
Turkey Shows Off!

It is like an episode from National Geographic around here...the turkeys strut their stuff!

I know some people think they're weird looking, but I think they're beautiful!

The foreman shows off the greens he just picked from the garden!
Wasabi samples the greens!
One of my favorite meals lately...mushrooms with fennel & tomato sauce over brown rice!

Wasabi has done some extensive renovations on her "Magic Dream Cottage"!  She apparently likes an open floor plan!
Just hanging in the kitchen.

Organized closet number one - the upstairs closet.  Still looks like quite a bit of stuff, but at least I can now see where everything is!

And organized closest number two - downstairs.  Yippee!  My narrowed-down wardrobe in one location!